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The entrepreneurial couple Martine and Jean-Paul Clozel made Actelion great - and were then bought out by investors.

Their second foundation - Idorsia - is to be even more successful and made for eternity.

"Our entrepreneurial goals have always been clear. We want to discover unknown medicines."

"We sometimes work on a development for 25 years. Our scientists should not feel any pressure - even if it takes time."

„Wir wollen mit neuen Medikamenten Patienten helfen, die große medizinische Probleme haben."

"The first medicines are almost ready for the market. Idorsia will be our legacy".

Dec 07, 2021 Editorials

The beginning of a new era.

Dear readers, We are actually hesitant to use terms like "new era" or "new epoch". But at the beginning of 2022, it seems appropriate to us - because in the future, the conditions for investors will change fundamentally. The last decade was marked by a boom in all asset classes. Real estate prices…
Klaus Meitinger, Moritz Eckes
May 29, 2021 Editorials

Directional Decisions.

Dear readers, In the next few months, we'll probably take big steps back towards normality, thanks to vaccination in Europe. That is wonderful. At the same time, however, it is now high time for some fundamental thinking - about the role of the state, economic policy and monetary policy. It's about…
Klaus Meitinger
Nov 28, 2020 Editorials

The ultimate value storage.

Dear Readers, what keeps its value? This question not only concerns our network, it was also omnipresent at the Lerbach round. The large states have apparently exceeded the "point of no return" due to the Corona rescue measures, up to which they were able to control their debt burden without the…
Klaus Meitinger, Moritz Eckes
Jun 08, 2020 Editorials

Courage. Confidence. Confidence.

Dear Readers, Of course the next few months will be tough. No question about that. But we don't have the impression that family businesses are emerging from our network. On the contrary. We hear sentences like: Take responsibility, decide, follow through. It's fantastic how the employees go along…
Klaus Meitinger, Moritz Eckes
Apr 03, 2020 Editorials

Insecure times.

Dear readers,at private wealth, it is our goal to present investors and entrepreneurs on our homepage only with information that is highly relevant to this target group.In order to support you in your investment decisions in these turbulent times, we publish, for example, the results of models that…
Klaus Meitinger
Schroders Immo shutterstock 1678728916
May 29, 2021 How to invest it

Real estate world in flux.

Real Estate. The demands on players in the real estate industry are changing rapidly.…
Sonderveröffentlichung: Dr. Thomas Wiegelmann, Geschäftsführer Schroder Real Estate Asset Management GmbH
Schroders shutterstock 1275722419
May 29, 2021 How to invest it

The rock.

Alternative Investments. In view of highly valued stock markets, the risks in portfolios…
Sonderveröffentlichung: Schroder Investment Management (Europe) S.A.,
Eyb shutterstock 140042659
May 29, 2021 How to invest it


Shuffling possible. For a long time, investors have achieved adequate returns by dividing…
Sonderveröffentlichung: Eyb & Wallwitz


a letter from

Nov 28, 2020

Keeping society together.

A letter from Andreas Rickert 1071
A letter from... Andreas Rickert. The founder of…
Jun 08, 2020

Who thinks of the poorest?

A letter from Sabine Holzknecht 1193
A letter from... Sabine Holzknecht. The author of…

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