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Jun 08, 2020

What can the state do?

Opinionleader Prof. Maximilian Werkmüller 133
In the Corona crisis, the government has demanded…
Nov 25, 2019

Inside USA.

Opinionleader Markus Kaim 266
The strategist Markus Kaim sits in Washington,…
May 25, 2019

New digital world.

Opinionleader Manfred Broy 341
"The digital transformation is changing the…
Oct 01, 2018

"Now it's enough."

Opinionleader Dr. Peter Bofinger 454
The economist Peter Bofinger has always defended…

a letter from

Jun 08, 2020

Who thinks of the poorest?

A letter from Sabine Holzknecht 101
A letter from... Sabine Holzknecht. The author of…

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