• Worldwide, eleven million people die with or from sepsis every year.

  • Nevertheless, science has not been able to develop a therapy against it for 50 years.

  • My big goal is to be able to help most sepsis patients. Especially when the task is difficult and complex, ...

  • ... you can't wait for others. Then you have to become entrepreneurial yourself.

  • That's why Andreas Bergmann founds. One after the other. Now two of his companies are on the verge of a breakthrough.

  • If everything works out the way he envisions, the entrepreneur will produce spectacular headlines in the coming years.

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May 29, 2021

"Take the lead."

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With its rules on taxonomy, the EU will initiate…
Jun 08, 2020

What can the state do?

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In the Corona crisis, the government has demanded…
Nov 25, 2019

Inside USA.

Opinionleader Markus Kaim 607
The strategist Markus Kaim sits in Washington,…
May 25, 2019

New digital world.

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"The digital transformation is changing the…

a letter from

Nov 28, 2020

Keeping society together.

A letter from Andreas Rickert 259
A letter from... Andreas Rickert. The founder of…
Jun 08, 2020

Who thinks of the poorest?

A letter from Sabine Holzknecht 329
A letter from... Sabine Holzknecht. The author of…

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