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Feb 13, 2022 News from The Lerbach Round Table

Interest rate fears are exaggerated.

In view of high inflation rates, interest rates are rising worldwide. After around three years in negative territory, there are now positive yields on ten-year federal bonds again for the first time. And central banks are signaling that they will take their foot off the gas this year. Analysts are therefore already talking about the start of a new investment regime. What is in store for investors? The editors of private wealth asked the Lerbach Competence Circle - 40 strategists from family…
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Lerbacher Runde
Jun 08, 2020 News from The Lerbach Round Table

Inspiration - Ideas for equity investment

In their search for promising securities, the experts of the Lerbach round currently distinguish between three categories with different risk and return patterns. The first, comparatively defensive category includes shares of companies whose prices are 15 to 20 percent below their pre-crisis level and which are very likely to return to their 2019 turnover level in 2022 - they are an anchor of stability for a portfolio.
Klaus Meitinger 1224
Lerbacher Runde
Apr 06, 2020 News from The Lerbach Round Table

The crisis strategy of the professionals.

The members of the Lerbach Competence Group initiated by private wealth and Robeco are responsible for the investment strategy of 40 family offices, private banks and asset management companies. This is how the professionals position themselves on the stock markets after the rollercoaster ride. We asked the professionals what a balanced portfolio of liquid asset classes of an average investor willing to take risks should look like in the long term. And how they would currently run such a…
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Dec 13, 2019 News from The Lerbach Round Table

UK election - positive signal for British equities

Dear Readers, Boris Johnson's Conservative Party won the absolute majority in the British Parliament. This has made one of the core risks of recent months more predictable. The House of Commons will now quickly adopt the necessary laws for Britain's withdrawal from the EU on 31 January. What comes after 31 January 2020, however, is less clear. This is when tough and probably long trade agreements with the EU begin. The Lerbach Round is therefore also split when it comes to the impact of the…
Klaus Meitinger 1037
6 die auswirkungen auf die kursentwicklung am aktienmarkt sind mittelfristig
Oct 04, 2018 News from The Lerbach Round Table

ECB strategy is positive for the stock market.

Dear Readers, The European Central Bank has given concrete form to its medium-term policy guideline. It will continue its bond purchase program until September 2018, but will reduce the monthly purchase volume from currently 60 to 30 billion. However, the Lerbach Round does not see this as a fundamental turnaround in monetary policy. Instead, it interprets the ECB's plan as a signal that monetary policy will remain very loose.
Klaus Meitinger & das Expertenteam der Lerbacher Runde 1561
Oct 04, 2018 News from The Lerbach Round Table

Lerbacher Runde urges caution.

The slight easing in the trade conflict between the USA and the European Union makes it less likely that Donald Trump - as originally announced - will now be able to increase customs duties on cars from the EU in the near future. However, according to the Lerbach Round Table, the trade issue is far from being off the table for investors. In the dispute between the USA and China there are still no signs of rapprochement. Investors - according to the professionals - should therefore be cautious…
Klaus Meitinger 1570
Sep 07, 2017 News from The Lerbach Round Table

Expertenrat – just in time.

There are currently four questions driving the investment experts around: The grace period is over - can Emmanuel Macron get France going? Bundestag elections - what would a black-yellow government bring to the German economy and the capital markets? Euro boom - how long will the upswing in the European currency last and what does it mean for Europe's export economy? Price targets reached in the US equity market - how should investors now trade? // 01. Can Macron get France going? Emmanuel…
Klaus Meitinger 1278

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