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Dec 06, 2021 Legends (en-GB)

Guaranteed to succeed.

Thanks to clever marketing of ten-penny baking powder sachets and early diversification, August Oetker's pharmacy became one of Germany's largest companies in 130 years. After the Oetker Group was split up in the summer of 2021, its future is open. The year 1891 promises to be a good one. On January 1, 29-year-old pharmacist Dr. August Oetker takes over the "Aschoff'sche Apotheke" at Niedernstrasse 3 in Bielefeld, having borrowed the money from his mother-in-law and the bank. His wife,…
Jennifer Holleis 425
Jun 07, 2021 Legends (en-GB)

Möve is spelled with a "v".

The Swiss Ueli Prager was the first to bring luxury to the plates of ordinary people. Within four and a half decades, Mövenpick has become a global group with over 106 restaurants, 33 hotels, ice cream and wine trading. And a very strong brand name. It is an almost fateful lunch break that the 30-year-old officer Ueli Prager, known as UP, spends in the Aargau barracks in the summer of 1946. In the noon edition of the "Neue Zürcher Zeitung" he reads the construction announcement of the…
Jennifer Holleis 431
Dec 07, 2020 Legends (en-GB)

Mr. Burton's feel for snow.

Jake Burton Carpenter revolutionized winter sports in a small barn in 1977. He made snowboarding a trendy sport and set off a worldwide boom. Today, his company is still the world market leader with a 32 percent market share and $200 million in sales. His fondest childhood memory is a vacation in the Bromley Mountains. In 1961, six-year-old Jake Burton Carpenter from Long Island stood on skis and experienced for the first time the exhilaration that body control and speed can cause. As a…
Jennifer Holleis 426
Jun 01, 2020 Legends (en-GB)

The flower platform.

In 1908, Berlin florist Max Hübner revolutionized the flower trade with the "Blumenspenden-Vermittlungs-Vereinigung. In 112 years, this has become the unlisted Fleurop AG, in which 5,000 German Fleurop florists each hold a single share. That Amazon founder Jeff Bezos knows this story is unlikely. A pity, actually. Because Berlin's Max Hübner could have been his role model. Max was born in December 1866 into rosy times. The family lived in a prestigious building on Prinzenstrasse in Kreuzberg,…
Jennifer Holleis 402
Jun 03, 2019 Legends (en-GB)

The energy saver.

Theodor Stiebel founded a small factory for immersion heaters in Berlin in 1924 - he was driven to develop products with low energy consumption. Today, the company has over 3700 employees and generates sales of more than 500 million euros. And energy efficiency is its brand essence. The year was 1923, when the engineer from Braunschweig was looking for an alternative to the error-prone piston immersion boilers. His solution is a handy device with a ring-shaped hollow cylinder and a wall…
Jennifer Bligh 407
Mar 06, 2019 Legends (en-GB)

Light on - light off.

Paul Schmidt's invention has been shining for almost 120 years. With his batteries for flashlights and bicycle lights, the Berlin entrepreneur made energy mobile and light transportable. From a tinkerer who was once at the top and at the bottom again. Paul Schmidt had the brilliant idea on a cosy Sunday morning, at home in the kitchen of all places. His wife Henriette Auguste Franziska Laura was pouring milk onto flour. Immediately the liquid is absorbed, a solid mass is formed. Paul sees this,…
Jennifer Bligh 369
Dec 03, 2018 Legends (en-GB)

Each should be beautiful.

Gaby Aghion revolutionized the French fashion world in the 1950s with six dresses. Her company Chloé became a fashion institution. And her concept of wearable fashion at an affordable price - prêt-à-porter - becomes the leitmotif of an entire industry. Lack of money is certainly not the reason why Gaby Aghion becomes an entrepreneur. As the youngest of seven daughters of the successful tobacco producer Hanoka and the wife of the wealthy cotton scion Raymond Aghion, she could have led a…
Jennifer Bligh 384
Mar 06, 2017 Legends (en-GB)

The developer.

Only rarely do entrepreneurs succeed in creating a product whose name then later becomes synonymous with all variations due to its fame. Edwin Herbert Land is such a case - even today, a photo taken with an instant camera is still known as: I'm taking a Polaroid. It's the comeback of the year. More instant cameras are sold today than in the days of analog photography. One-of-a-kind photos that can't be replicated and can be held in the hand instantly provide a counterpoint in the digital age.…
Jennifer Bligh 368
Mar 03, 2014 Legends (en-GB)

When one thing meshes with another.

The inventor Antoine LeCoultre catapulted watch production into a new era. The fact that he succeeded in manufacturing all watch parts on machines marked the beginning of the watch industry. But disputes in the family almost prevented his success. For three years, Antoine LeCoultre had forged razors during the day to earn his living. And at night, he tinkered with his machine. In the summer of 1832, he finally had a milling machine in his forge that cut perfectly shaped watch gears from steel…
Klaus Peter Fuchs / Gerd Gregor Feth 379
Dec 02, 2013 Legends (en-GB)

Stone on stone.

Ole Kirk Christiansen started a building boom on carpeted floors with Lego bricks. In over 80 years, his company has become an internationally successful toy company with over 9,000 employees. The destitute village where Ole Kirk Christiansen was born on April 7, 1891, is located in the Jutland nowhere. There, where pragmatism, diligence and faith in God are unshakable. And a little stubbornness is part of life. Even as a twelve-year-old apprentice carpenter, Ole doesn't like to conform. He is…
Jennifer Bligh 378
Jun 03, 2013 Legends (en-GB)

The secret of the nut.

Out of sheer necessity, an Italian confectioner replaced chocolate with nuts after World War II. The enthusiasm for his Supercrema was the basis for the success of a company that today ensures that people all over the world give their chérie a little kiss. Creativity often arises from simple need. This is probably why Pietro Ferrero, a confectioner and chocolatier from Alba, was so lucky that chocolate was in short supply in post-war Italy. There was only one thing in abundance: nuts, which…
Jörg Zipprick 380
Jun 04, 2012 Legends (en-GB)

Open Air.

Wilhelm Karmann is considered the father of the convertible. His successful family business produced around three million bodies in the last century - mostly open and mostly for other major carmakers. But in the end, life in the niche doesn't work. The world looks most beautiful to those who whiz through it without a roof, Wilhelm Karmann thinks. It's 1901, and the 30-year-old from Krefeld has just made one of the most important decisions of his life. The ink on the contract with Minna Klages…
Jennifer Bligh 382
Mar 05, 2012 Legends (en-GB)

Good nose.

John Sharp Douglas had a good nose for fine soaps. His breakthrough, however, was thanks to Anna and Maria Carstens. The sisters opened the first Douglas perfumery in Hamburg. Heinrich Eklöh and his descendants turned it into a successful chain. The moon makes the brick buildings in Hamburg's Speicherstadt shine brightly, the Elbe is calm. Scottish immigrant John Sharp Douglas is standing at the railing of the three-masted ship. In his pocket, the 29-year-old has everything he owns: a little…
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