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    May 28, 2020 Valuable Information from the Network

    The future of money.

    Opinions are divided on Bitcoin. For some, the crypto currency is digital gold - an alternative store of value in times of monetary dilution. They are fascinated by the fact that Bitcoin is designed as an "ultra-hard" asset. Critics, on the other hand, find it simply scary to trust an asset that they cannot "touch" and whose technology they do not fully understand. We think: Under certain circumstances, Bitcoin could become one of the most interesting investment opportunities in the coming…
    Klaus Meitinger 25
  • Wertvolles aus dem Netzwerk2
    Apr 07, 2020 Valuable Information from the Network

    In the face of the pandemic - strategies for family businesses.

    Professor Tom Rüsen of the Witten Institute for Family Research (WiFU) examines how successful entrepreneurial families have reacted to crisis situations in the past His analysis provides assistance in dealing with current challenges Family businesses are characterized by the close connection between ownership and management of the company. This enables them to define and implement measures for dealing with the crisis situation very quickly. Defensive measures are aimed at limiting the damage.…
    Klaus Meitinger 151
  • Logo pw2
    Apr 03, 2020 Valuable Information from the Network

    Model check

    For 16 years, the stock market indicator of private wealth has been providing valuable information for investors in the German stock market. Since many members of our network have asked about the background to this model, we are happy to explain how we work. The editorial staff regularly informs its readers about the current signals of the in-house stock market indicator. What is behind this model?
    Klaus Meitinger 159
  • dreamstime s 169191020
    Jan 22, 2020 Valuable Information from the Network

    Game Changer Robotaxi - fascinating perspectives for investors

    According to a study by UBS, eleven million self-driving taxis are expected to be in use worldwide in 2030. By 2040, that figure will rise to 60 million. The impact on various industries and stock markets will be considerable.
    Silke Lauenstein 138
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    Oct 26, 2019 Valuable Information from the Network

    Columbia Threadneedle Webinar for Absolute Return Funds on 12.11.2019

    Dear private wealth community, On 12 November, fund manager Alasdair Ross will present his Enhanced Money Market strategy, the Threadneedle (Lux) Global Investment Grade Credit Opportunities Fund, in a webinar. The Absolute Return Fund seeks positive returns above money market levels by investing in Columbia Threadneedle's best investment ideas in the global investment grade universe and combining them with long / short credit default swaps. The strategy follows our proven approach to credit…
    Moritz Eckes 229
  • Oct 09, 2018 Valuable Information from the Network

    Italy's crisis - whether the new government will endure is crucial

    Dear Readers, we have read a lot about the topic "Italy" in the last days. Lucas Daalder, Robeco's chief investment strategist, wrote a very good summary. Of particular interest is his analysis of the distribution of Italy's public debt. Contrary to what is often said, Italy is obviously not primarily indebted to its own countrymen. Major creditors are foreigners (35 per cent) and central banks (just under 20 per cent) This underlines Italy's potential for blackmail in the negotiations with the…
    Special Report from our Partner ROBECO 531

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