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How to invest it

  • Klaus Meitinger

Money trends 2022 - it's getting hot.

(Reading time: 4 - 7 minutes)
Lerbacher Runde. Once a year, bankers, asset managers and family officers meet at Schloss Bensberg to provide wealthy investors with inspiration and guidance. While the autumn of 2020 was still dominated by the pandemic and economic recovery, new questions are now being asked: What is happening with inflation? Are we witnessing the turnaround in interest rates? What would that mean for the price of real assets, which have experienced an unprecedented boom thanks to zero interest rates? And how should investors deal with climate change? The experts know the answer. "We are living in exciting times," says Kai Röhrl, Head of Wholesale, Robeco Germany, opening the twelfth Lerbach Roundtable: "The economy and capital markets have barely come...

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  • Sonderveröffentlichung: Schroder Investment Management (Europe) S.A., German Branch

Lucrative credit investments.

(Reading time: 4 - 7 minutes)
Private Real Estate Loans. Banks are pulling back from lending on commercial real estate projects. Private investors can fill this gap. The incentive: attractive returns, regardless of developments on the capital markets. "Because there are projects with different risk profiles, the market offers a broad field for every type of investor," says Peter Begler, Alternatives Director at Schroders. "It's actually a curious situation," Peter Begler reflects: "We have a real estate boom all over Europe. But banks are increasingly pulling out of the real estate lending business." And that, says the director of alternative products at asset manager Schroders, has nothing to do with the fact that there are no longer any lucrative investments in...

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  • Sonderveröffentlichung: Columbia Threadneedle

An optimal combination.

(Reading time: 3 - 5 minutes)
Dividend Strategy Asia. High-yielding assets are desperately sought at the moment. George Gosden, portfolio manager at Columbia Threadneedle, advises investors to look to Asia. Not only is the long-term economic environment right there, but there are also attractive dividend yields from high-growth companies. "Those who pursue a dividend strategy in Europe," explains George Gosden, "usually end up with companies with a solid business model but no growth prospects. On the other hand, those that are growing strongly often don't pay dividends. That doesn't satisfy me, though." The head of Asia ex-Japan equities and fund manager of the Asian Income fund at Columbia Threadneedle looks for high-growth companies that also offer attractive dividend...

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  • Sonderveröffentlichung: Eyb & Wallwitz

It's getting wilder.

(Reading time: 3 - 6 minutes)
Currency management. For globally invested assets, exchange rates have a massive impact on portfolio returns. "But because the currency markets have been quiet in recent months, many investors have lost sight of this aspect," recalls Johannes Mayr, chief economist at asset manager Eyb & Wallwitz, predicting, "In 2022, this will change. Investors should prepare themselves." "Currency management is perhaps the most underestimated aspect of investing," Johannes Mayr reflects, "because exchange rates have tremendous leverage due to the high percentage changes in a very short time. With one swipe, investment results can be pushed up or painstakingly earned returns can be wiped out." During the past few years, however, this aspect has taken...

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Return on investment with meaning.

(Reading time: 3 - 5 minutes)
Impact-investment. Creating social benefit while generating attractive long-term returns is the goal of NN Investment Partners' Smart Connectivity strategy. Companies are sought that benefit from the shift towards a more sustainable economy, have a positive impact on the environment or society and contribute to the UN's sustainability goals with their innovative solutions. "Did you know that around four billion people worldwide live in cities?" asks Ivo Luiten, Lead Portfolio Manager at NN Investment Partners (NN IP). "They generate around 60 percent of global GDP, but are also responsible for 70 percent of climate-damaging emissions. So to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit global warming, urban infrastructure is a very important...

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