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Mediadaten 2017 2A very special magazine has been published in German-speaking countries since 2004. A magazine, which is read exclusively by wealthy private individuals and entrepreneurs. And its content is consistently geared to the wishes of this target group. As the only premium magazine in Germany, private wealth combines economic competence with all facets of a demanding lifestyle in one concept. The editorial team reports on great entrepreneurial personalities and their success stories. It presents sophisticated management ideas and objectively analyses the most intelligent investment strategies. It provides suggestions for an enjoyable life in prosperity - exclusive destinations and hotels, the most beautiful cars, boats and valuables. And it dedicates itself to the topics Charity, education and health.

The fact that this exclusive readership has been loyal to the magazine for ten years now is a wonderful confirmation of our work and the concept. After all, the target group of private wealth is as unique as the magazine. The readership combines prosperity, independence, education, connoisseurship, competence and responsibility. For them, the editorial team researches outstanding services and products that are always backed by extraordinary personalities and interesting stories. Four times a year private wealth reaches this exclusive readership in a limited edition of 20000 copies.

Distribution takes place through partnerships with selected banks, wealth, tax and legal advisors, through subscriptions of wealthy private individuals and entrepreneurs as well as selective cooperation with hotels, universities and clubs. This ensures that only opinion leaders in our company have access to private wealth. private wealth has a clear structure. How to earn it, how to invest it and how to live it...

how to earn it

Family business // Values // Management

Owners act differently from managers. Long-term, sustainable. The magazine private wealth is the forum of these pillars of our society. The editorial team conducts exclusive interviews with decision-makers in outstanding international family businesses, tells the background to their success and discusses solutions for crisis situations with renowned scientists and management experts. Relaxed reading pleasure blends with information - concisely formulated and comprehensibly presented.

how to invest it

Investment Trends // Investment Strategies // Innovative Products

Wealthy private clients place very special demands on their investments. They want to earn money, but above all they don't want to lose any. The strategies in question are intelligent, complex and in need of explanation. private wealth therefore reports on several pages where other publications only think in lines. The editorial staff analyses in detail how such investments actually work and for whom they are suitable - objectively, comprehensibly, seriously and competently.

how to live it

Luxury // Lifestyle // Social commitment

The readers of private wealth have expectations. For them, consumption is a question of elegance and style at the highest level. This top-class target group presents private wealth suggestions in which they find their exclusive interests and desires.

Lifestyle means more than just consumption. That's why the editorial team reports on all facets of a demanding lifestyle - education, family strategies, social commitment. Because their readers are willing to do something for society and be role models.

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