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Dec 03, 2021 Opinionleader

"We can still do two degrees."

What are the scientific facts around climate change? The Lerbacher Runde asks, Professor Jochem Marotzke, coordinating lead author for the chapter "Future World Climate" in the current IPPC report, answers. Lerbacher Runde (LR) COP26 was called the Last Chance Saloon.Did the world use the last chance? Jochem Marotzke (JM) For me, the outcome of the climate summit left me with mixed feelings. Glasgow has by no means put us back on track towards the 1.5 degree target and in this respect was…
Prof. Jochem Marotzke 865
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May 29, 2021 Opinionleader

"Take the lead."

With its rules on taxonomy, the EU will initiate a massive transformation of the economy, Christian Klein, Professor of Sustainable Finance at the University of Kassel, is convinced: "For SMEs, this is an opportunity."
Christian Klein 894
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Nov 28, 2020 Opinionleader

Reboot with President Biden.

Europe now has the opportunity to set a new transatlantic agenda. "We should not wait for US initiatives, but actively make offers to the US", demands Markus Kaim, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik.
Markus Kaim 1005
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Jun 08, 2020 Opinionleader

What can the state do?

In the Corona crisis, the government has demanded considerable restrictions from citizens. Was that legal? And: Was it proportional? Maximilian Werkmüller, professor at the Allensbach University, provides answers.
Prof. Maximilian Werkmüller 1047
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Nov 25, 2019 Opinionleader

Inside USA.

The strategist Markus Kaim sits in Washington, the control center of power. From there he analysed the current US policy, transatlantic relations and the upcoming election campaign for the Lerbach Round.
Markus Kaim 1324
May 25, 2019 Opinionleader

New digital world.

"The digital transformation is changing the economy and society more drastically than ever before," says Manfred Broy, founding president of the Zentrum Digitalisierung Bayern: "Small and medium-sized businesses must react quickly. The dramatic effects of the digital transformation can easily be seen in the list of the ten most valuable listed companies in the world. Seven of them are creatures of new technologies, six of them were not even listed there ten years ago. This gives an impression…
Manfred Broy 1129
Dec 11, 2018 Opinionleader

The future of the energy revolution.

"The energy revolution is a huge challenge," explains Martin Faulstich, until 2016 Chairman of the German Advisory Council on the Environment: "But it also represents a huge opportunity for our industry.
Martin Faulstich 1178
Oct 01, 2018 Opinionleader

"Now it's enough."

The economist Peter Bofinger has always defended the monetary policy of the ECB. Why Mario Draghi did (almost) everything right, but should now step on the brakes, Bofinger discusses with the Lerbach round.
Dr. Peter Bofinger 1162
Oct 01, 2018 Opinionleader

Entrepreneurs must act now.

Many companies in Germany are facing huge challenges. "Our scenario analysis shows how decision-makers must act now so that 'made in Germany' remains a leader," informs Florian Klein, Deloitte.
Florian Klein 1258
Oct 01, 2018 Opinionleader

How families solve conflicts.

From the research workshop. Entrepreneur families create rules and statutes that regulate life together, especially in responsibility for the company. In addition to agreeing and respecting specific formal rules, it is important that entrepreneurial families know and take into account the foundations that shape all social systems.
Sonderveröffentlichung: Professor Dr. Heiko Kleve (Wittener Institut für Familienunternehmen) 1156
Oct 01, 2018 Opinionleader

"The cobalt boom is justified."

"The high prices for cobalt and lithium reflect the current supply-demand situation," says Abid Mukhtar of Commodity Capital. "It's still worth getting started." I already know what most people think: the recent dramatic price increases for lithium and cobalt are exaggerated. This is a hype, a speculative bubble that is fundamentally unjustified. Prices will soon collapse again and it is therefore better to wait for cheaper entry prices;
Abi Mukhta 1263
Oct 01, 2018 Opinionleader

"It's a cobalt hype."

"The prices for cobalt and lithium are currently significantly exaggerated. Viele Suppliers want to make a fast euro with the E-Auto-Story", warns Christoph Eibl, Tiberius Asset Management: "Don't let yourself be seduced". One thing I have to say in advance. I am convinced that we will see higher long-term prices for strategic metals, which are important for a new energy mix. Wenn Sie therefore have five to ten years time, kaufen Sie calmly cobalt or lithium. <font…
Christoph Eibl 1135
Oct 01, 2018 Opinionleader

Museums must reinvent themselves.

Should there be free admission to state museums or not? Florian Mercker, private-wealth art expert, uses the current discussion as an impetus to think about concepts for the museum of the future. In Germany, the abolition of entrance fees to state museums is discussed at regular intervals. Reflexively, those who have no money of their own - general directors, politicians, administrators - conjure up the death of the West. The entrance fees are indispensable to keep the administration running.…
Dr. Florian Mercker 1239
Oct 01, 2018 Opinionleader

Complicated new world.

Richard Smith-Bingham, Director EMEA of the Global Risk Center at Marsh & McLennan, believes companies need to prepare for disruptive change. It is my job to help companies and entrepreneurs identify critical risk factors for their business. However, the revolutionary political and technological changes that are currently taking place make me sceptical about the appropriateness of the euphoria that is currently driving stock market prices higher. In my view, global companies in particular will…
Richard Smith-Bingham 983
Oct 01, 2018 Opinionleader

No end of the boom in sight.

"In the German metropolises, demand for living space will exceed supply for even longer," says Jochen Möbert of Deutsche Bank: "House prices will therefore continue to rise. I can understand that many are sceptical about the years of real estate boom in this country. Above all, because residential construction is actually growing strongly. The number of building permits finally rose last year to 375,000, an increase of 20 percent on the previous year and the highest level since 1999. And…
Jochen Möbert 974
Oct 01, 2018 Opinionleader

"The trend in purchase prices is breaking."

"The prices for condominiums are no longer in any meaningful relation to the framework conditions. Those who invest risk their equity", warns Harald Simons, Empirica AG, member of the Council of Real Estate Experts. The industry is currently discussing above all a possible rise in interest rates as a risk to real estate prices. It overlooks the fact that the interplay between supply and demand for housing may also lead to such a break in the trend.
Harald Simons 1137
Oct 01, 2018 Opinionleader

Inflation is coming back.

The price increases of recent months are not a temporary phenomenon, meint Peter E. Huber, Vorstand of asset manager StarCapital: "They mark the beginning of a new era". After 35 years of disinflationary tendencies nobody believes in a real comeback of inflation anymore. In my opinion, this will be the biggest surprise of the coming years.
Peter E. Huber 974
Oct 01, 2018 Opinionleader

"The worst is yet to come."

Uwe Eilers, Geneon Wealth Management, is convinced that leaving the EU will damage Britain's economy in the long term. "Keep your hands off British assets." I am well aware that it is not easy to argue against the current economic data. After all, the big slump in the British economy, which many had expected after the British Yes to Brexit, failed to materialise. On the contrary, the British stock market has performed very well. And many economists are currently revising their forecasts for…
Uwe Eilers 1104
Oct 01, 2018 Opinionleader

Brexit risks are overestimated.

The pound depreciated significantly after the Brexit decision. "This will stimulate the economy," says Christian Jasperneite, M.M. Warburg: "British assets offer positive surprise potential." Have you followed the current forecasts of economists on developments in Great Britain? Then you've probably noticed that most analysts have started to raise their expectations for economic growth on the island. In fact, three months ago they were still assuming a meagre increase of 0.9 percent for the…
Christian Jasperneite 971
Oct 01, 2018 Opinionleader

The real D.J. Trump.

What will really change in the World Concert under a US President Donald J. Trump? Seit of the election, countless scientists, economists, analysts and political scientists have commented - private wealth summarizes their opinions. In the Anglo-Saxon world, there is a hübschen Spruch if a person is to concretize their position or reveal their true character: "Will the real Donald Trump please stand up." Before the US election, commentators outbid each other with negative forecasts in case Trump…
Klaus Meitinger 895
Oct 01, 2018 Opinionleader

The economist with a mission.

Appreciation. Hans-Werner Sinn's terms of office as President of the ifo Institute and Professor at the LMU Munich will end on 31 March. Eine of the most influential voices of science in the economic policy debate is leaving the big stage. "I want to bring rationality into the public debate," is how Hans-Werner Sinn describes his motivation. His arguments are like genes in the public discourse, which spread inexorably once they have been presented.
Klaus Meitinger 1085
Oct 01, 2018 Opinionleader

What's certain is insecurity.

Refugee crisis, IS, Ukraine, Brexit - we are living in a time of crisis in geopolitics. Markus Kaim, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, explains why this will continue to be the case in the future. Even earlier generations did not live on the island of the blessed. And yet there is a remarkable difference between yesterday and today. The established orders with which we were politically socialized have become fragile. Above all, however, these introduced orders have not (yet) been replaced by…
Markus Kaim 1080
Oct 01, 2018 Opinionleader

Global economy facing loss of control.

Global economy facing loss of control. According to Professor Henning Vöpel, Managing Director of the Hamburg Institute of International Economics, the world is looking for a new order: "But the road to it can be long and very difficult.
Professor Henning Vöpel 929

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