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Dec 03, 2021 How to live it

An eye for beauty.

Ryan Pyle is an adventurer, photographer and documentary film producer.His television series "Extreme Treks" made the brand ambassador for Glashütte Original famous far beyond his native Canada. I don't even remember how my passion for mechanical watches started. Other men "inherit" them from their father, but mine never wore one. He was an Olympian and recorded his lap times with a plastic digital sports watch. After all - my dad got me into sports. So while he wasn't responsible for my taste…
Ryan Pyle 460
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Dec 03, 2021 How to live it

"I live art."

Collector. Pierre Chen earned his billion-dollar fortune with the multinational electronics company he founded in 1977, Yageo Corporation. He is a prime example of how the good intuition of a successful entrepreneur also works in the field of art. With the collection he has amassed over the years, he is one of the most influential and successful collectors in the art world. There is a very stressful lifestyle in the high-tech industry. Art helps me balance my life, it calms my mind and slows my…
Dr. Annette Doms 719
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Dec 03, 2021 How to live it

Reporting market in turmoil.

Wealth reporting. The market for asset reporting and controlling services is changing. "Client requirements are changing. Entire teams from previous top addresses are changing employers. Know-how is now being lost there," Alexander Etterer makes clear. In this exciting environment, the experienced reporting specialist wants to reposition himself. "That's another reason," says Etterer, "why I founded Reportify Analytics." "Our industry is being turned upside down," says Alexander Etterer,…
Sonderveröffentlichung: Reportify Analytics GmbH 424
Stiftungen Aufmacher
Dec 03, 2021 How to live it

Foundation - fast, flexible, digital.

Philanthropy. The hurdles are high: lawyers, notaries, the foundation and also the financial supervisory authorities are involved when it comes to setting up and running a foundation. This costs time, money and often returns. "But there is another way," Felix Oldenburg is convinced. With "project bcause", the former Secretary General of the Association of German Foundations has launched an attempt to transport the "old" model of the foundation into the digital age. "In an ideal world," says…
Yvonne Döbler 470
Aufmacher Sothebys
Dec 03, 2021 How to live it

The traffic light and the real estate.

Real estate trends. With the traffic light coalition, the course on the real estate market is also being set anew. Michael Reiss, Managing Partner of Sotheby's International Realty in Munich, explains what investors should now expect. "It's always said that political exchanges have short legs.That may be true - but when it comes to the real estate market, political changes can have very long legs. That's why I took a closer look at the plans of the traffic light coalition," explains Michael…
Sonderveröffentlichung: München, Sotheby’s International Realty 440
Dec 03, 2021 How to live it

Pure. Wild. Sustainable.

Long-distance travel. Stefan Moosleitner (pictured above left) was a manager in the media industry and an independent entrepreneur. But his true passion is travelling. Now he curates extraordinary and sustainable adventures - in a country more associated with civil war and drug cartels than with ecotourism: Colombia. Colombia doesn't need to look in a mirror to know who is the most beautiful on the entire South American continent. The country doesn't even need to invoke Gabriel García Márquez,…
Dr. Günter Kast 495
Dec 03, 2021 How to live it

Taboos in entrepreneurial families.

From the researcher's workshop. On the surface, keeping taboos seems to protect family cohesion. But what is not talked about continues to have an effect in the background. That is why it is important to recognize taboos, to understand them and to bring them to light. A taboo is something that must not be spoken about or done. So there are "speech taboos" and "action taboos". Both types can be found in business families. Not speaking or not doing is supposed to ensure the cohesion of the…
Prof. Dr. Tom Rüsen, Monika Nadler, Wittener Institut für Familienunternehmen (WIFU) 472
Dec 03, 2021 How to live it

The white clan.

Skiing. With 8805 members from 60 nations, the Ski Club Arlberg, founded in 1901, is one of the oldest, most famous and most successful ski clubs in the world. Anyone who wants to be accepted into the circle must demonstrate a love of skiing - and a love of the region. A winter afternoon at the Hotel Kaminstube in St. Anton: As every Wednesday at 4 pm, the members of the Ski Club Arlberg (SCA) arrive. The traditional house of the Kössler family is conveniently located right next to the piste.…
Dr. Günter Kast 450
May 29, 2021 How to live it

The drink for the gods.

Mariko Schmitz is one of Germany's few sake sommelières certified in Japan. To all those who get wanderlust for Japan when the Olympics start in Tokyo in July, she advises to refine the evening with sake.
Mariko Schmitz 596
May 29, 2021 How to live it


Passion. People who come from great entrepreneurial families usually strive to create lasting value themselves. Kurt A. Engelhorn took a long time. But now he seems to have found his way there. The focus is on a special investment strategy, a virtual company, historic automobiles and, above all, a very special car race - the Bernina Gran Turismo.
Klaus Meitinger, Philipp Wente 694
May 29, 2021 How to live it

Transparency as a success factor.

Perspective. Investors want to know exactly how good their asset managers really are. They, in turn, want to be able to prove that they deserve their clients' trust - especially in times of crisis. "Both have a high interest in objective, neutral and bank-independent proof of performance," says Alexander Etterer, partner at the auditing firm Rödl & Partner: "We deliver it."
Sonderveröffentlichung: Rödl & Partner GmbH 535
May 29, 2021 How to live it

Genomics was yesterday - proteomics is tomorrow.

Science. Decoding the 3.2 billion letters of the human genome 20 years ago was a sensation. Now researchers are taking the next step - deciphering the proteins, the actual carriers of life.
Hanns J. Neubert 556
May 29, 2021 How to live it

Going with the flow.

Innovation. Greg McDougall is the founder and CEO of Harbour Air, North America's largest seaplane fleet. He managed to make the world's first flight in an all-electric commercial aircraft. He won't save the world with it, but it's a start.
Dr. Günter Kast 570
May 29, 2021 How to live it

"I believe in the city."

Real estate trends. Globally, the market for larger homes in suburbs and resorts is booming. "This will calm down again," says Michael Reiss, managing partner of Sotheby's International Realty in Munich, "I expect the big city to make a comeback."
Michael Reiss 507
May 29, 2021 How to live it

Time. Spirit. Art.

Art Collection. New technologies are revolutionizing art. Digitization, virtual reality and augmented reality enable new forms of expression. And open up new worlds for collectors. Indonesian entrepreneur Wiyu Wahono is one of the world's most renowned collectors of art that reflects the spirit of the times. How does that work? And what challenges do collectors have to face in the process?
Dr. Annette Doms 591
May 29, 2021 How to live it

Empowering the children of shareholders.

Families, it is said, lose their business in the first generation for lack of insight, in the second for lack of harmony, and in the third for lack of interest. Therefore, a scientific study of the socialization of shareholder children is of great importance. For they will shape the family business and the entrepreneurial family in the future.
Peer Clinten und Prof. Dr. Heiko Kleve, Wittener Institut für Familienunternehmen (WIFU) 529
May 29, 2021 How to live it

A heart for Africa.

Passion. For many years, Hellmuth Weisser was co-owner, chairman of the board and supervisory board of Marquard & Bahls AG, a global energy trader and tank farm operator based in Hamburg. Now he is building a 22,000 hectare animal sanctuary in South Africa, investing around 30 million euros in the project.
Dr. Günter Kast 670
Nov 28, 2020 How to live it

Thought transference.

Innovation. Brain-computer interfaces send information directly from a living brain to the electrical circuits of computers. In this way, people today can control machines simply by thinking. And this is only the beginning.
Hanns J. Neubert 811
Nov 28, 2020 How to live it


Mathias Heller wants to revive the classic soda culture with his siphon manufacture. That's why he restores old siphons - creating unique pieces with a history for true bar culture enthusiasts. We were a small group of friends, and as bourbon lovers we loved to go to cocktail bars. On a trip to New York we stumbled upon an old Sparklets Soda Siphon at a flea market, which we bought for about 20 dollars. Wouldn't that be a cool thing, we thought, to get this already a bit battered siphon working…
Mathias Heller 659
Nov 28, 2020 How to live it

The pleasure family.

Tradition. The Döllerers from Golling near Salzburg prove that money can be earned with top-class gastronomy - if it is integrated into a harmonious overall concept. Now in its fifth generation, more than 20 family members are involved.
Dr. Günter Kast 609
Nov 28, 2020 How to live it

The key to success.

Consulting. Information is the beginning of everything. That is why Alexander Etterer's digital reporting provides an informative, structured overview of the total assets of Rödl & Partner clients. This data is not only key to successful wealth management, but also helps with tax issues or succession planning.
Sonderveröffentlichung: Rödl & Partner GbR 511
Nov 28, 2020 How to live it

Founders are setting a new course.

commitment. In the zero interest rate era, many foundations only exist on paper. Due to a lack of income, they can no longer provide support. "The purpose of a foundation is then missed, the founder's will no longer achieved," says Ralf Schwind, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Merck Finck Foundation, making it clear and outlining ways out of this dilemma.
Sonderveröffentlichung: Merck Finck Privatbankiers AG 526
Nov 28, 2020 How to live it

Between tradition and modernity.

The great challenge for entrepreneurial families is to maintain a balance between tradition and modernisation of their living conditions in a rapidly changing society. In its research, WiFU is investigating how this can be achieved.
Prof. Heiko Kleve, Kristin Beer, Wittener Institut für Familienunternehmen 508
Nov 28, 2020 How to live it

"Let us build new cities."

New Work. The trend towards the home office will turn the office markets upside down. Will city centres then become unattractive for investors? "We have to rethink", says Michael Reiss, managing partner of Sotheby's International Realty in Munich, "then this is a huge opportunity."
Michael Reiss 501
Nov 25, 2020 How to live it

Art meets Car.

Oldtimer. Seit 1987 betreibt Axel Schuette den Handel mit automobilen Raritäten. In diesen 33 Jahren gingen mehr als 3000 Sammler­fahrzeuge durch seine Hände. Authentische Originale, Fahrzeuge mit Seele. „Das ist“, sagt er, „meine Leidenschaft. Denn hinter vielen dieser Autos stehen ganz besondere Geschichten.“ Wie die des 300 SL Flügeltürers, der dem Künstler Andy Warhol Modell stand.
Sonderveröffentlichung: AXEL SCHUETTE FINE CARS 582
Nov 19, 2020 How to live it

Made to measure.

Personalised watches. The digitalisation of the traditional watch industry is progressing in giant strides. In the future, it will open up new ways for lovers of individual timepieces to find their own personal favourite piece.
Jan Lehmhaus 492
Jun 08, 2020 How to live it

Old masters digital.

Joel Kremer (39), director of the Kremer Collection, brings his parents' Old Masters to life online. In this way, he ensures that no one has to forego enjoyment of art.
Joel Kremer 620
Jun 08, 2020 How to live it

Give up? No way.

Philanthropy. The Belgian nobleman Emmanuel de Merode made the rescue of the famous Virunga National Park, the oldest and most species-rich nature reserve in Africa, his life's work. With the help of international patrons and unperturbed by an assassination attempt, he is implementing his Marshall Plan for East Congo step by step. Rebels, Ebola, greedy oil companies and corrupt politicians cannot stop him.
Dr. Günter Kast 683
Jun 08, 2020 How to live it

The right opening move.

Orientation. After the sale of a company, a new phase of life begins for former company owners. "It is crucial to ask the right questions at the very beginning. Thanks to our interdisciplinary approach, we can make a difference for 'wealthy entrepreneurs'", Christian Rödl, partner and managing partner of Rödl & Partner, points out.
Sonderveröffentlichung: Rödl & Partner GbR 598
Jun 08, 2020 How to live it

The country needs new donors.

Foundations. The foundation landscape is changing rapidly. Whereas philanthropists used to respond regionally and locally and individually to specific emergency situations, more and more philanthropists today think strategically, internationally and collaboratively. And they - like Hans Schöpflin - manage their foundation like a company.
Yvonne Döbler 607
Jun 08, 2020 How to live it

In the face of the pandemic.

From the research workshop. How have successful entrepreneurial families reacted to crisis situations in the past and what makes family businesses resistant to crisis even today? A blueprint from family research.
Professor Dr. Tom A. Rüsen 547
Jun 08, 2020 How to live it

Search for the foundation.

Real estate. Forecasts on the real estate markets vary widely. Is the crash coming? Oder will the boom continue now more than ever? Michael Reiss, managing partner of Sotheby's International Realty in Munich, dares to give an outlook.
Michael Reiss 555
Jun 08, 2020 How to live it

Big jumps.

Equestrian sports. The equestrian gene is in the blood of the Magalow family. Konstantin Magalow's father founded the equestrian farm Ising at the Chiemsee, and Magalow himself made it famous. Daughter Sylvia and her husband Dietmar Gugler are now setting new standards: expanded riding facilities, a first-class training concept and tournaments for leisure riders to top athletes.
Annika Singer 582
Nov 25, 2019 How to live it

Hole in one.

Around the world in 26 days by Learjet - playing golf on 15 courses in seven countries on four continents. PGA trainer Ergül Altinova will realise this adventure for 60 golf enthusiasts in November 2020.
Ergül Altinova 755
Nov 25, 2019 How to live it

Everything in view.

Digital wealth reporting. Getting an informative, structured overview of your total assets online at any time is the key to successful asset management. Alexander Etterer, Partner and responsible for the Wealth, Reporting & Controlling division of the auditing firm Rödl & Partner, explains how wealthy families intelligently implement and use this.
Rödl & Partner GbR 766
Nov 25, 2019 How to live it

"Network and trust."

Real estate. If an auction house operates real estate agencies, there is probably a very special idea behind it. Michael Reiss is managing partner of Sotheby's International Realty in Munich. He describes his vision and current real estate trends.
Michael Reiss 740
Nov 25, 2019 How to live it

So it stays in the family.

From the research workshop. Entrepreneurial families are as unique as any private small family - but they have one very specific goal in common: to keep the company successful in the family for future generations. To achieve this, different types of families must find answers to different questions.
Dr. Ann Sophie Löhde Prof. Dr. Tom-Arne Rüsen, Wittener Institut für Familien­unter­nehmen 936
Nov 25, 2019 How to live it

With hot-water bottle and WLAN.

Journey. Eduard Rauchdobler from Linz and Enrique Umbert from Lima wanted to make the trek to the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu more comfortable. Today her project "Mountain Lodges of Peru" is flourishing. And the two entrepreneurs are thinking about multiplying their concept in many other places of tourist interest.
Dr. Günter Kast 934
May 25, 2019 How to live it

The bee family.

Pleasure. In the 1970s, Walter Lang decided to become self-sufficient. He soon became one of the pioneers of the organic movement in Germany. What about today? Today, Walter Lang GmbH is the market leader among Europe's organic honey importers. "I'm stuck with honey," laughs Karin Lang, a trained food technician. "And not just there," she adds with a smile. The 50-year-old company and family spokeswoman is married to Gerrit, the son of the founder of Walter Lang GmbH. Together with him and his…
Antje Annika Singer 1296
May 25, 2019 How to live it

A changing world.

The private-wealth forum. On 25 January 75 geladene met guests from completely Germany in the hotel La mansion in star mountain 13 experts, in order to discuss over current topics approximately around employers and investment. Ein Day full of inspiration and orientation. "Our entire commitment has always been based on the network idea", explains publisher Moritz Eckes, "it was only logical to create a forum where entrepreneurs and asset owners can intensively exchange ideas with proven…
Klaus Meitinger 980
May 25, 2019 How to live it

On a discovery tour.

Thilo Natke is captain of the new expedition ship Hanseatic nature. For 29 years he has been sailing the seas between the Arctic and Antarctica, to the Amazon and the South Seas. Why this way of travelling fascinates him so much.
Thilo Natke 748
May 25, 2019 How to live it

Where the future stands on the c(l)ippe.

Philanthropy. Zita Cobb, who has made a fortune in the glass fiber industry, wants to save her home Fogo Island in the Canadian province of Newfoundland from bleeding and give her an economic perspective with an extraordinary, non-profit hotel and a foundation. She is convinced: "Our success can be imitated by other dependent communities."
Dr. Günter Kast 795
May 25, 2019 How to live it

The end of privacy.

Technology. Video camera systems and search engines monitor us almost completely. At the same time, digital helpers improve our health and make life easier. Is the end of privacy a reasonable or too high price to pay for technical progress?
Sonderveröffentlichung: Merck Finck Privatbankiers 809
May 25, 2019 How to live it

Infinite energy.

Technology. Nuclear fusion could be the way to solve all mankind's energy problems in an environmentally and climate-friendly way for all time. Scientists and engineers have been researching the technology for well over 70 years. Recently they have made enormous progress.
Hanns-J. Neubert 870
May 25, 2019 How to live it

Establishing and maintaining the family network.

From the research workshop. Entrepreneurial families with more than 50 members are not just families or business-related organisations. They are also a special form of social networks - and thus a case for FON theory.
Prof. Dr. Heiko Kleve 736
May 25, 2019 How to live it

Perfect hosts.

Hotel business. Owner-managed family hotels often have problems becoming internationally known. Susanne Gräfin von Moltke and Klaus-Dieter von Moltke use the membership in the hotel association Relais & Châteaux for this.
Mariella Bauer 852
May 25, 2019 How to live it

Completely detached.

Travel. More and more entrepreneurs enjoy the feeling of freedom and independence in a tailor-made motorhome. Beim Trendthema Land-Yachting are the imagination (almost) no limits set.
Miriam Zerbel 781
May 23, 2019 How to live it

Looking back: A lot has happened...

In the review section, private wealth highlights what has become of the entrepreneurs and investment ideas presented in previous issues. In the current issue, the editorial staff reports on the extraordinary successes of the Internet start-up Westwing and the medical technology company Curetis. The editors also take a second look at the hedge funds of the British Sushil Wadhwani and the American Michael Tiedemann.
Klaus Meitinger 631
Dec 11, 2018 How to live it

Our little farm.

Plant-it-yourself. The start-up BerlinGreen wants to make the simple cultivation of salads and herbs at home or in the office easy. It thus brings the worldwide trend of urban gardening to Germany. "To fulfill the dream of a house with a garden even in the vicinity of a city is hardly realistic in our generation," says Filip Wawrzyniak, founder of the BerlinGreen start-up, soberly. "The longing to cultivate food himself is, however, still present. That's why we bring the garden into the…
Antje Annika Singer 1434
Dec 11, 2018 How to live it

The digitized entrepreneur family.

From the research workshop. Why does digitization become a success story for one family business? Und with the other one she only makes frightening slow progress? The key is in the family. Den Owners, their digital knowledge and skills and especially their inner attitude are of central importance with regard to questions of digital transformation. Tradition, it is said so beautifully, is not the worship of ashes, but the transmission of fire. If tradition and digitalization are to come together…
Prof. Dr. Tom A. Rüsen, Dr. Anne Katarina Heider 738
Dec 11, 2018 How to live it

Be brave.

Civil courage. The activist Jody Williams succeeded, which the United Nations was unable to do, in persuading the international community to renounce landmines. For this she received the Nobel Peace Prize almost 20 years ago. She's been touring the world ever since, shaking people up. Because what she can do, others can do. "Hi, I'm Jody!" The American has a firm handshake. It goes from chair to chair, from row to row. Greet each individual in the auditorium, listener by listener. "Hi, I'm…
Sabine Holzknecht 779
Dec 11, 2018 How to live it

A new anchor for families.

Entrepreneur families. After the sale of the family business, sooner or later the question of meaning arises: Wer are we now? Was do we want to be a family in the future? And how can we maintain cohesion? Ein Family Office specialized in Family Equity can provide the answers. "Family Equity is the glue that holds everything together" (partner of a family that runs its Single Family Office (SFO) schon for six generations). "When we launched the most comprehensive single family office survey in…
Klaus Meitinger 934
Dec 11, 2018 How to live it

Time for museums.

Exhibition. The watch industry has always proudly presented its products in its own museums. Recently, a few spectacular new collections have been added to the collection to provide special insights. They are not only worth a trip for watch aficionados.
Jan Lehmhaus 717
Dec 11, 2018 How to live it

What do you mean, forever?

Foundation management. Foundations are established on a permanent basis. Trotzdem they often invest as if they only had a short investment horizon. Und therefore have problems in the low-interest phase. Ralf Schwind, Executive Board member of the Merck Finck Foundation, advocates a new way of thinking.
Sonderveröffentlichung: Merck Finck Privatbankiers 1020
Dec 11, 2018 How to live it

White gold.

Adventure. Through the heliski pioneer Leo Steiner, the former gold digger settlement Atlin in the far north of British Columbia became a place of longing for powder snow enthusiasts. But after his son had an accident in a crevasse in 2011, the helicopter remained on the ground. The Swiss André Gutenberg recently revived the legend of Atlin. His heliski area is a very special one: more rustic, wild, lonely and weird than that of the "usual Suspects" in the south of the province.
Dr. Günter Kast 1108
Dec 11, 2018 How to live it

Spiritual entertainment.

To produce a high-percentage digestive yourself is the wonderful conclusion of an evening among friends. Sommelier Andreas hot, owner of the in Vils, inspires for a special hobby.
Andreas Heiß 766
Dec 11, 2018 How to live it

The Megatrend Megatrends.

Investment strategy. Megatrends are fascinating as an investment idea because the respective story sounds so convincing. In order for this to actually become a successful investment, however, a number of rules must be observed.
Sonia Marin 794
Dec 11, 2018 How to live it

Share bull market: Is the extension coming into effect?

Stock trend. The current stock market boom has lasted almost ten years. Over the past five decades, there have been few bull markets with even better performance. Are the recent price declines signaling the beginning of the end of the stock market upswing? Timo Schwietering, capital market strategist in Private Banking at Bankhaus Metzler, has good reasons not to announce a turnaround yet.
Sonderveröffentlichung: B.Metzler seel. Sohn & Co 683
Sep 29, 2018 How to live it

Donating is a profession.

Commitment. Ise Bosch is the granddaughter of Robert Bosch, who founded the largest private foundation in Germany. She herself is also involved as a donor in areas that are close to her heart. With "Besser donenden" she also launched the first German-language book title on the subject in 2007.
Dr. Günter Kast 748
Sep 29, 2018 How to live it


Airplane car. The combination of driving and flying could revolutionize the traffic of the future. So far, however, the trials have mostly failed due to safety or approval by the authorities. The Dutch company PAL-V is convinced that it has these problems under control - and dares to enter the market with a genuine airplane car.
Jörg Zipprick 922
Sep 29, 2018 How to live it

"Clan Management" - when the circle of shareholders grows.

From the research workshop. The increasing acceptance of egalitarian forms of inheritance of shareholder shares has led in recent decades to the emergence of large shareholder groups of equal descent. How it is possible to succeed in attracting entrepreneurial families of this size to the company and to organize them as strategic and decision-making units.
Prof. Dr. Tom A. Rüsen und Prof. Dr. Arist von Schlippe 787
Sep 29, 2018 How to live it

Long times.

Style. Who likes to live every second? More and more manufacturers are leaving the temporal small and small to electronic systems and recalling their tradition as the "slow food" of the watch industry. They concentrate on dealing with the long periods of time - days, weeks, years - and the big picture. With the greatest precision, of course.
Jan Lehmhaus 642
Sep 29, 2018 How to live it

The Aviator.

Adventure. Bob Bates came from Australia to Papua New Guinea in the mid-1960s as a young engineer. He fell in love with the inaccessible and wild country and set about opening up the rainforest with airfields and lodges. Today Bates is the largest and most famous tour operator there. Even at 77 he still climbs into the cockpit of his bush pilots himself. Bob Bates stands on the terrace of Rondon Ridge Lodge, one of the youngest of his hostels, and looks down on Mount Hagen in the highlands of…
Dr. Günter Kast 768
Sep 29, 2018 How to live it

One pair of glasses for everyone.

Commitment. A sighted person can hardly imagine what it means not to be able to see properly: writing, reading, sewing, repairing things, harvesting ... everything can hardly be accomplished. Nevertheless, 700 million people cannot afford glasses. The secondary school teacher Martin Aufmuth has set himself the goal of changing this. April 2012, it is hot in the hospital of Kasana near Uganda's capital Kampala. Just like the weeks before had been hot. Over 30 degrees Celsius. And dusty. And…
Yvonne Döbler 795
Sep 29, 2018 How to live it

Clans - this is how large families become sustainable,

From the research workshop. Successful management of large shareholder groups erfordert Antworten on special family strategy issues. In private wealth 02/2017 the basic challenges have already been analysed. In the second part, the Witten Institute for Family Enterprises (WIFU) now examines how education and training formats should be defined so that appropriately trained family members can get involved. Im Ganzen, a professional clan management 2.0 is created. For a long time, family…
Prof. Dr. Tom A. Rüsen und Prof. Dr. Arist von Schlippe 723
Sep 29, 2018 How to live it

Maturing time.

Pleasure. Only a few manufacturers worldwide have the specialist knowledge required to manufacture high-quality humidors. At Gerber, a Duisburg family business, this has developed from generation to generation. "Of course you can also take a glass of water and put it under a cheese cover," says Karl-Heinz Gerber junior. Before the trained carpenter and business graduate continues, he lets a few seconds pass: "But if the top right and bottom left should have exactly the same humidity and…
Dr. Günter Kast 1010
Sep 29, 2018 How to live it


Entrepreneurship. Management consultant Roland Berger, almost 80 years old, is still an entrepreneur. He can't let go of new business ideas or the company that bears his name. It is a struggle for sovereignty over one's own meaning. "The documents are still missing." The voice sounds demanding. Roland Berger, 79, stands in a salon of the Hotel Bayerischer Hof in Munich. The spring sun is reflected in silver cans and leg-coloured etageren. An oval table is set for breakfast for a dozen…
Cornelia Knust. 689
Sep 28, 2018 How to live it

The most beautiful triviality of the clock.

Watch straps. Whether crocodile, rubber or velour: the bracelet essentially determines the character and effect of a watch - and also says something about the owner. It is a welcome opportunity for manufacturers to differentiate themselves from the competition and demonstrate their craftsmanship.
Jan Lehmhaus 630
Sep 28, 2018 How to live it

Bringing ideas to the slopes.

From the research workshop. A particularly innovative entrepreneurial spirit is attested to in family businesses. This distinguishes them from non-family enterprises. Unfortunately, many of these ideas ultimately do not always lead to products that generate sales. How it can be possible to improve the marketing of innovations in family businesses.
Dr. Anne Katarina Heider und Dr. Maike Gerken WIFU (Wittener Ins­ti­tut für Familienunternehmen) 842
Sep 28, 2018 How to live it

Depth effect.

Sponsorship. The Viennese photographer and diver Andreas Franke (above) provides his photographic art with a political statement. Shipwrecks at the bottom of the bikini atoll form the backdrop for his anti-nuclear message. He is still looking for supporters for the implementation.
Mariella Bauer-Hallberg 676
Sep 28, 2018 How to live it

"If no one can do it, we'll do it ourselves."

Commitment. Making More Health is an initiative of the family company Boehringer Ingelheim. Christian Boehringer has an ambitious goal: He wants to promote social entrepreneurs in order to help new solutions in the healthcare market worldwide on their feet.
Yvonne Döbler 1221
Sep 28, 2018 How to live it

Change in the executive chair.

Company succession. A successful transfer of responsibility at the top of a company can not only ensure its continued existence, but can even lead to a growth spurt. The prerequisite for this, however, is early initiation and thorough planning of the succession process. Bankhaus Merck Finck offers support in this process.
Sonderveröffentlichung: Merck Finck Privatbankiers 722
Sep 28, 2018 How to live it

"Wines are like children."

"It's simply nice to see how guter Bordeaux has become more complex and deep over the years," says wine merchant Michael Unger. His favourite good: Château Pichon-Longueville Comtesse de Lalande in Pauillac.
Michael Unger 835
Sep 28, 2018 How to live it

Der Zauber from Zermatt.

Stories from dem Wallis. Tourist destinations often only become interesting through the stories and lives of charismatic people. In the Valais mountain village of Zermatt, it's not just the Matterhorn with its bold shapes that is the subject of conversation. But also the artist and hotelier Heinz Julen with seiner außergewöhnlichen family history.
Dr. Günter Kast 995
Sep 28, 2018 How to live it

A man mobilizes.

Commitment. <font color="#ffff00">-=Der Familienunternehmer=- proudly presents Day (right) provides people in developing countries with bicycles. But his World Bicycle Relief is supposed to be more than an aid organization. This is why the co-founder and co-owner of SRAM, the second largest wheel component manufacturer in the world, combines his humanitarian program with an entrepreneurial approach.
Dr. Günter Kast 914
Sep 28, 2018 How to live it

It works.

Natural products. A small company from Graubünden in Switzerland has found a lucrative niche with Edelweiss products. The family of herbalist Astrid Thurner produces natural cosmetics from the strictly protected Alpine flower.
Petra Bernadett Maier 913
Sep 28, 2018 How to live it

Life under the microscope.

Science. Although the basic research of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg has a major influence on modern medicine, it is relatively little known to the public. What hardly anyone knows: Private sponsors and sponsors can make an important contribution to the success of the institute. And investors even have the opportunity to participate in individual, lucrative spin-offs. Photo above: Martin Hogbom_Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
Dr. Ludger Wess 892
Sep 28, 2018 How to live it

At the cradle of the world.

Journey. Richard Leakey is the most famous paleoanthropologist in the world. In the far north of Kenya, at Lake Turkana, he searched for decades for the beginnings of Homo sapiens. There he is now planning the first museum in human history. He was already able to get star architect Daniel Libeskind enthusiastic about the great project. Now he needs patrons.
Dr. Günter Kast 1058
Sep 28, 2018 How to live it

King's class.

Oldtimer sailing regattas. Wilfried Beeck is a pioneer of e-commerce. His great love, however, are classic sailing yachts - especially from the legendary twelve-class. His flagship, the "Trivia", is 80 years old and in her prime to sail to the top of the big vintage regattas.
Dr. Günter Kast 930
Sep 28, 2018 How to live it

Coach, guide, bodyguard.

Valuable helpers. Electronic watches on the wrist? Even among lovers of mechanical works, this is no longer a question of faith - but one of the right opportunities.
Jan Lehmhaus 718
Sep 28, 2018 How to live it

Families and the crowd.

From the research workshop. Family businesses have always been very successful in involving individual customers in the development of new products. In times of digital transformation, they are now increasingly integrating the broad mass of customers into their innovation development via the Internet and with the help of digital technologies.
Dr. Ulrich Bretschneider und Dr. Anna Katarina Heider 801
Sep 28, 2018 How to live it

Rare, fast and with racing history.

Oldtimers. In the past, car manufacturers had to produce a minimum number of their racing sports cars in order to comply with the competition regulations. These homologation vehicles are basically rare and sometimes also have an interesting motorsport history - the best conditions to turn them into valuable collector's items.
Gerd Gregor Feth 796
Sep 26, 2018 How to live it

Grill art.

The Swiss sculptor Andreas Reichlin got stomach pains from meat that had been grilled on a normal grill. So he invented the fire ring - a sculpture that makes barbecue evenings very special.
Andreas Reichlin 835
Sep 26, 2018 How to live it

The experiment.

Natural History Museum Bavaria (NaMu). The Free State of Bavaria would only support the museum project if the population itself covered one percent of the construction costs. Princess Auguste of Bavaria accepted the challenge. Now their initiative seems to be crowned with success.
Silke Lauenstein 870

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