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Directional Decisions.

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Dear readers,

In the next few months, we'll probably take big steps back towards normality, thanks to vaccination in Europe. That is wonderful. At the same time, however, it is now high time for some fundamental thinking - about the role of the state, economic policy and monetary policy. It's about exiting emergency mode.

No doubt about it. When disasters strike, the state is called upon. After that, it should back off. Currently, the discussion is exactly the opposite. Father state is supposed to provide higher wages, more social security, more regulation, more justice and more prosperity. Individual responsibility, competition and the market economy are being written in small print right now. Is that what we want? The stories in this issue underline that innovation is made by entrepreneurs - not civil servants.

We are also at a crucial crossroads in monetary policy. Over the next two years, almost all economists predict that Europe will experience an economic boom with nominal growth rates of between five and seven percent. It should be obvious to everyone that zero interest rates or even negative interest rates are not appropriate in such an environment.

We see two possible directions. One is the path of gradual interest rate increases. The infinite source of money would bubble less strongly. Sovereigns would have to be sound and pay somewhat higher interest rates on the small portion of their debt that is up for refinancing. And the party in real assets would probably be over. That might be unpleasant. But investors and government budgets could take it. The alternative is to stick with the negative interest rate policy "so as not to jeopardize the economic recovery." The ECB would then probably have to buy up all bonds and abolish the steering mechanism of interest rates altogether. Governments would have infinite capital to fund "more government" and further fuel growth. Buying real assets on credit would be even more attractive. Economic and real asset booms would accelerate until.... .

We all suspected long ago that this would not go well. Perhaps now comes the ECB's last chance to secure long-term monetary stability. We are curious. Because investment strategies differ in each scenario and can change very quickly, we will comment on this regularly at www.private-wealth.de. Just sign up.

Yours sincerely

Klaus Meitinger Moritz Eckes
Editor in Chief Publisher

  • Gerd Hübner

Mia electrifies.

Fox e aufmacherStart-up. Swiss entrepreneur Andreas Kratzer wants to make Fox e-mobility the first pure e-vehicle company in Europe. An ambitious goal, because the market is competitive. To prevail, Kratzer needs investors who believe in his vision.

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"Take the lead."

With its rules on taxonomy, the EU will initiate a massive transformation of the economy, Christian Klein, Professor of Sustainable Finance at the University of Kassel, is convinced: "For SMEs, this is an opportunity."

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On the road to another league.

Einhell AufmacherExpansion. The Thannhuber family of entrepreneurs from Lower Bavaria manages the production of do-it-yourself appliances with ambitious goals. Not only in terms of the economic perspective of Einhell AG. The sons of founder Josef Thannhuber - Markus (left) and Philipp - are also to be given justice and entrepreneurial scope.

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  • Klaus Meitinger

"If I don't do it, nobody will."

Adrenomed DSC 0759

Theragnostics. Eleven million people worldwide die with or from sepsis every year. Covid-19 also leads to septic shock in severe cases and subsequently to multiple organ failure. Nevertheless, it has not been possible to develop a therapy against it for 50 years. Andreas Bergmann has made this his life's work. As a scientist and as an entrepreneur. "Especially when the task is difficult and complex," he noted, "you can't wait for others. Then you have to become entrepreneurial yourself." That's why he founds. One after another. Now two of his companies - Adrenomed and SphingoTec - are on the verge of a breakthrough.

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  • Klaus Meitinger

We perfect climate protection.

CAP Aufmacher shutterstock 1129744511Innovation. The only effective climate protection is to buy pollution rights and take them off the market for all time. "Because only then will the amount of CO2 emissions actually decrease," explain Hanjo Allinger and Christian Jasperneite. With their company CAP2, they want to give everyone the opportunity to cap their own CO2 footprint more efficiently.

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