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  • Miriam Zerbel

Martin mobilizes.

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Social entrepreneur. Economic development in Africa needs a new mobility concept. The entrepreneur Martin Šoltés and his colleagues have therefore developed a special electric vehicle. To improve the lives of many Africans, he seeks impact investors.

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  • Matador Partners Group AG

When the opportunity knocks.

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Private equity and infrastructure. "We actually specialise in secondary market funds in the private equity sector," explains Florian Dillinger, Matador Partners Group AG. But when a special opportunity presents itself, he invests in infrastructure. This combination of both asset classes has a special charm for the investment company Matador.

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  • Gerd Hübner

Investment with family connection.

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Selection. In a current study, the Center for Entrepreneurial and Financial Studies (CEFS) of the Technical University of Munich, on behalf of the Stiftung Familienunternehmen, investigated whether the shares of family-run companies are the better investment. The results are making investors sit up and take notice.

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  • Merck Finck Privatbankiers

Double success.

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Microfinance. Microcredits give people in poorer countries the chance to build something up to secure their livelihood in the long term. "At the same time, microfinance offers investors ongoing interest income and a positive diversification effect at portfolio level," says Daniel Kerbach, CIO of Merck Finck Privatbankiers. This makes this asset class attractive in two respects.

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  • Schroders Deutschland

Asia, the power house.

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Private equity in Asia. In the 21st century, Asia will dominate the world. In no other region do investors find such a combination of size and growth. Private equity is the key to unlocking this potential.

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