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  • Gerd Hübner, Klaus Meitinger

The world after Corona.

Illu 2 Die Welt nach CoranaVision. Sometime in 2022, the global economy will have overcome the corona collapse. How will important parameters for investors and asset owners have changed then? Nine questions, the answers to which will determine investment success and asset preservation.

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  • Sonderveröffentlichung: B. Metzler seel. Sohn & Co.

U(ndecided) States of America.

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US elections. Presidential elections will be held in the USA in autumn. Carolin Schulze Palstring, Head of Capital Market Analysis Metzler Private Banking, examines the candidates' election chances as well as possible effects on economic and monetary policy.

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  • Yvonne Döbler, Gerd Hübner, Klaus Meitinger

The Lerbach Round. The wisdom of the many.

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Panel of experts. The Lerbach Round Table celebrates its tenth anniversary. Since 2009, bankers, asset managers and family officers have met once a year to provide wealthy investors with inspiration and orientation. This year, they are not only scrutinizing the economy and capital markets. 36 proven investment experts answer the most important questions on the investment year 2020 and discuss the most exciting investment ideas and, in five workshops, also the most interesting investment themes. And take a broad look into the future - Roadmap 2040.

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  • Yvonne Döbler, Gerd Hübner, Klaus Meitinger

The future in the depot.

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Markets. Countries with strong growth and major challenges are attracting investor interest. The Lerbach Round sees investment opportunities both in emerging markets and in the so-called frontier markets. Your favourite: Asien.

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  • Yvonne Döbler, Gerd Hübner, Klaus Meitinger


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Disruption. The speed of innovation in the economy and society is increasing dramatically. The Lerbach Round Table analyses the technology boom and shows how investors can benefit from it.

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