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  • Yvonne Döbler

That sounds fantastic.

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Philanthropy. When culture and wealth can agree on a goal, something special is created. Buying historical string instruments and making them available to top musicians is an investment model that benefits society and even pays off.

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The rock.

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Alternative Investments. In view of highly valued stock markets, the risks in portfolios are increasing. And because interest-bearing securities - unlike in the past - no longer offer much in the way of returns or protection in the event of turbulence, investors are looking for new underlying investments that generate returns regardless of market trends. "The GAIA Helix fund does just that," says Ulrich Heuberger, head of sales at Schroder Investment Management.

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  • Gerd Hübner

Infinite possibilities.

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Financial innovation. The prices of all investments around blockchain technology are rising rapidly. This may be - as is often the case with fascinating innovations - a period of exaggeration in the early days. But the technology's potential is real. An overview.

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Shuffling possible. For a long time, investors have achieved adequate returns by dividing their assets between 60 percent equities and 40 percent government bonds. In view of rising inflation rates and persistently low interest rates, this is now becoming increasingly difficult in real terms, i.e. adjusted for purchasing power. "It is high time to readjust this successful strategy," says Kristina Bambach, who is responsible for the Phaidros Funds Balanced mixed fund at asset manager Eyb & Wallwitz together with Georg von Wallwitz and Ernst Konrad.

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  • Gerd Hübner

It's worth it.

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Real asset investments. In view of persistently low interest rates and rising inflation rates worldwide, demand for real assets is increasing. European Long-Term Investment Funds, or ELTIFs, are designed to provide fee-efficient, transparent and strictly regulated access to asset classes such as infrastructure, private debt or private equity.

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