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Opinions are divided on Bitcoin. For some, the crypto currency is digital gold - an alternative store of value in times of monetary dilution. They are fascinated by the fact that Bitcoin is designed as an "ultra-hard" asset.

Critics, on the other hand, find it simply scary to trust an asset that they cannot "touch" and whose technology they do not fully understand.

We think: Under certain circumstances, Bitcoin could become one of the most interesting investment opportunities in the coming years. It is therefore worth investing time to build up your own know-how in this area.

The opportunity will be on June 2nd and 3rd. Value of Bitcoin will then take place from 13.00 to 20.00 - a digital conference where not only renowned Bitcoin researchers will share their knowledge, but also chief economists and strategists from the financial industry. All information on topics and speakers can be found at

There you can also buy the tickets (35 Euro for both days).

Let them inspire you.

Enclosed is the link to our Bitcoin article from February 2020:

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