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Ten years of private wealth.

Dear Readers,

After the New Economy disaster at the beginning of this millennium, we often talked in family circles about how helpful it would be if there was an information medium that explains intelligent investment strategies in a comprehensible way. That warns us in time if there is a real threat on the markets. And that enables us to learn from the best entrepreneurs. It was about inspiration and orientation. Alone - this medium did not exist. So we decided to do it ourselves.

Over the past ten years we have told the stories of more than 300 entrepreneurial lighthouses. And we were able to identify critical moments in the capital markets with the help of an exceptional network. In autumn 2007, in time for the financial crisis. In spring 2011, before the DAX dropped almost 2000 points. And just now, on July 25th, when the DAX stood at 9700 points. As a subscriber, this information was immediately made available to you on our website at www.private-wealth.de . There we will also comment regularly on the future development of the stock markets. Our homepage is the ideal complement to the quarterly magazine.

To celebrate our tenth anniversary, we are closely linking both media to offer you something very special. When we started designing this issue, we wondered what happened to the entrepreneurs and investment experts whose stories contributed so much to the magazine's zum Erfolg Wouldn't it be interesting to resume the narrative thread?

So this anniversary edition has become a kind of serial novel. So that you can read the source stories at any time, these are deposited on our homepage. The respective keyword for the search function can be found in each article of this issue in the small box "What has happened so far". We wish you much pleasure on your personal journey through time.

We would like to thank you with this unique edition of private wealth for your interest, your support and your trust over the past ten years. They are an incentive for us to continue on this path for the next ten years and to develop further tools to support you in your life: how to earn, to invest and to live private wealth.

unterschrift-kmKlaus Meitinger
Chief Editor

unterschrift-eckesMoritz Eckes

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