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  • Klaus Meitinger und Moritz Eckes

It comes to an oath.

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Germany has a choice. And thanks to Big Data, the parties now know exactly what promises they can make to their target customers. It is disappointing that the most important questions in the long term do not play a major role.

Tax policy: We finally call for a simple, transparent tax system. Without trigger possibilities. Und with an assessment base on wheels, which is automatically increased by the inflation rate every year. It is annoying when the parties today promise "tax cuts" that actually only reflect the effects of inflation. Instead, the parties should argue about the level of the tariff in an efficient tax system. Und we citizens vote on it.

// Pension policy: In the babyboomer generation is retiring at the age of five to 15. Wir therefore need a long-term concept that does not disadvantage the younger generations. Aktuell is discussed only about increases in expenditure in pension insurance. And the cheap approach of covering future gaps with funds from the state budget. You're going the wrong way.

// State budget: In times of solid public finances long past, the principle of countercyclical fiscal policy was to incur debt in recessions in order to boost the economy. Und then to repay these debts in times of economic boom with surpluses. Deutschland is currently experiencing a real boom. A black zero in the household is far too little.

// European policy: The other countries in the EU are doing much less solidly. That is another reason why it is time to clarify what Europe should look like at the end of the unification process. Do we want the United States von Europa? Inklusive Transferunion, in which all are liable for the debts of all? What would the alternative look like? To avoid these questions is cowardly.

// Euro: Eine Decision on this point is so important because it also affects the role of the European Central Bank. The latter sees itself under an obligation to further facilitate the deficit financing of the states through bond purchases. The real interest rate thus remains far below the growth rates in the economy and fires up inflation at bei Immobilien and tangible assets. That's got to stop. One possible way would be to renegotiate the Bundesbank's position in the ECB. Although it bears a quarter of the risks, it has only the same weight as Malta and is therefore constantly outvoted. This is unacceptable.

After the election, the winners will swear that they will devote their strength to the welfare of the German people, increase its benefits and turn the damage away from it. So help them God. Whoever wants to keep this oath must provide answers.


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