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Now it's all about the whole thing.

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Friday after Friday, pupils and students from all over the world, inspired by the Swede Greta Thunberg, will take to the streets to fight for a future in which global warming will be limited to two degrees, better still to 1.5 degrees.

Unlike many "political professionals", the young generation has understood exactly what needs to be done. It is about drastically less consumption and a fair global burden sharing. Above all, we must ensure that 98 percent of fossil fuel reserves remain in the soil. Otherwise it won't help if we save here in Europe (page 114 of the print edition). The industrial nations will have to pay just as much for this as for the preservation of the CO2 sink in the rainforest. How this should work in a world that is focused on growth and increasingly nationalistic in its thinking is still a mystery to us. Can we really do this?

Especially when we are in despair, the stories of entrepreneurs who owe their success to sustainable innovations are encouraging (page 114). We were particularly electrified by the great progress made in nuclear fusion. This is a real hope for infinite, environmentally friendly energy (page 94). It is frustrating, however, that the world has not bundled all its research capacities to help this technology achieve its breakthrough.

What can you do yourself? Capital must put pressure. Ask your investment advisor to invest your money only sustainably and with a view to climate change (page 52 of the print edition). As philanthropists, make sure that your efforts trigger a domino effect (page 80 of the print edition). And when you enjoy your hard-earned prosperity, you compensate for any larger CO2 footprint that may have been created on Atmosfair or other platforms.

But above all: Vote only for politicians - no matter which party - who are committed to a genuine, worldwide solution to the climate problem and do not hide behind the negative consequences of such a policy for the economy. And support the young generation. Anyone who pretends there's an easy, painless way out doesn't deserve your voice. We need true leadership - to intensify our efforts, to say goodbye to wishful thinking, to end the tendency to postpone and deny the unpleasant truths. It's about much more than just protecting our portfolios from the impact of climate change. It's about our children, our species. It's a whole thing.



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