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The current issue of "How to invest it" focuses on our annual meeting with the Lerbacher Runde. An exclusive circle of bankers, family officers, asset managers and economists will discuss the perspectives for the economy, monetary policy and capital markets intensively for one day. Carefully balances opportunities and risks. And then defines a suitable, long-term investment strategy for wealthy private investors. True to our motto: Every private wealth story must be conceived in such a way that it will still be relevant in one or two years, but this time in the discussion with the Lerbach Round Table we have reached the limits of this resolution in some points.

Because, of course, their strategy would change if Donald Trump's trade policy caused serious damage to the economy. If the conflicts with Iran and the Middle East cause the oil price to rise dramatically. If the central banks surprisingly tighten the interest rate screw. Or a government hostile to the euro in Italy triggers a new euro crisis.

In order to be able to offer you orientation and inspiration even in such moments, we need more topicality.

We have created the structure for this in recent months. On our homepage www.private-wealth.de you will find the section "News from the editorial staff". We publish regular updates on the private-wealth stock market indicator and the capital market seismograph. In addition, we can now convene the Lerbach Round Table's Competence Circle online at short notice to seek the advice of experts in stressful situations. In the future, we will also publish interesting opinions and strategies for entrepreneurs and investors from our network, which has grown over 14 years, in new sections - information that we know is important to you. In addition, we are happy to meet your wish to intensify the dialogue. We are therefore planning a private wealth forum in autumn - by entrepreneurs and investors for entrepreneurs and investors. You can find out more at www.private-wealth.de.

In order to benefit from this digital revolution, we ask you to register now at www.private-wealth.de . You will find a compact summary of the steps required for this on page 19. We look forward to your feedback.



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