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The high-noon moment.

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thumb-Editorial Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Readers,

there are situations where these old film frames appear. From second hands that sneak slowly but relentlessly in the direction of twelve o'clock. Where everyone knows that soon, very soon something important has to decide.

The next year has a high-noon moment like this in store. The focus is on Europe. For a long time it looked as if the economy in Euroland would get its act together. For a few months now, however, the leading indicators have been pointing clearly downwards again. Is the recession coming back?

The R-word does not appear in the analyses of meisten Volkswirte - almost as if it were a bad omen to pronounce it. Instead, they firmly believe in an acceleration of growth next year, driven by impulses from the US, driven by a stronger dollar and, above all, supported by the European Central Bank. Growth worries will simply drown them in a sea of liquidity. Can this really work? The president of the ifo Institute, Hans-Werner Sinn, raises massive doubts in the interview about the effectiveness and legality of the policy of the European Central Bank. Ist does it even happen that Kaiser Mario doesn't wear any clothes at all?

We'll see about that in the months ahead. If the economic downtrend continues, 2015 will be extremely exciting for entrepreneurs and investors. Because then, explains Peter Haller, founder of Serviceplan, markets will be redistributed. And for investors, there are the buying opportunities that - thought forward - promise returns at  überdurchschnittliche

We have to be prepared for that. One year ago we had suggested zum Umdenken at this point. In the summer, we then specifically advised switching over to von Angriff for the investment. Because if great opportunities present themselves, liquidity must be available in order to be able to seize them. Cash is just smart, flattest a member of our network recently. As always, we will comment regularly on the current situation at www.private-wealth.de . Stay calm until real opportunities arise. At the showdown it was always healthier to watch and not play the hero.


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