• Klaus Meitinger

"Positive signals from Wall Street."

Dear Readers,

The team led by Professor Dr. Rudi Zagst of the Technical University of Munich has just sent us the latest data from the capital market seismograph.

As you know, the scientists distinguish between three phases in the US equity market: "green" (quiet market = buy), "yellow" (turbulent market with positive expectation = invest, but with hedge) and "red" (turbulent market with negative expectation = do not invest).

In the current forecast for next month, the probability of a calm, positive US equity market rose significantly from 76 percent to 92 percent. The probability of a turbulent, volatile market with a positive trend ("yellow") fell from 19 to 6 percent. The probability of a bear market ("red") fell from 5 to 2 percent (chart below).


The seismograph signals a continued positive trend on Wall Street in the coming month. This supports the optimistic orientation of the private-wealth stock market indicator. Although German equities are very highly valued, the model has for some time been proposing an equity quota of 60 percent of the individually identified appropriate proportion of equities.



Klaus Meitinger

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