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Countdown 2023, a look into the crystal ball.

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At the end of the year, economists, investment strategists and asset managers look ahead. These days they publish their forecasts and strategies for the new year.

Private wealth takes part in the most interesting conferences and publishes the most exciting thoughts of the professionals.

We can already say that the overwhelming majority of the events are about change, transformation or turning points.

Let's remember - the investment year 2022 was dominated by the surprisingly strong rise in interest rates. Higher interest rates caused the biggest losses in bond markets in more than 50 years. At the same time, equity market valuations came under pressure. There was (hardly) any place for investors to hide.

In the coming year - so the unanimous conviction - the economic issue will move to the fore. And derived from that, the question of inflation prospects and a possible turnaround from the interest rate turnaround.

For investors, it is particularly exciting how the experts see four aspects:

How deep will the earnings slump be in the coming recession? Will adjustments in corporate earnings lead to further share price declines or are market participants looking across the valley with confidence in a comeback in 2024?
How fast and how far will inflation rates fall?
How will the central banks act? When and at what level will interest rates peak? Is there hope for interest rate cuts in the second half of 2023?
Interest rates are back. What does it mean for the distribution of wealth if now it is no longer TINA (There is no Alternative to Shares) but TARA (There are Reasonable Alternatives). And where are these reasonable alternatives to be found.
In the coming weeks, the editorial team will publish the most interesting aspects of the strategy meetings and press talks in a series of several parts in order to offer you, dear readers, inspiration and orientation for a (hopefully) successful investment year 2023.

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