• Klaus Meitinger

Italy's debt problem and the future of the European Union

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The editors of private wealth have collected 15 questions and presented them to the Lerbach Competence Group - a network of private bankers, family officers and asset managers.

The questions about the next Federal Chancellor have already been answered. This time the focus is on Italy's debt problem and Europe

2. when does Italy reschedule (probability of debt reduction or similar)?

Lerbach Competence Circle

Before 2022 5,6 %

Between 2022 and 202512,1 %

After 202540,1 %

Not in the foreseeable future 42,2 %

3. what is your long-term expectation regarding the EU (probability)?

Lerbach Competence Circle

Political & fiscal deepening31 %

Common debts become standard 44 %

No change - status quo holds at 13

The EU will break apart in the foreseeable future 12 %


Klaus Meitinger

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