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Elections, economy, securities markets - courageous answers to 15 tricky questions

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Who will win the US presidential election? Who will become chancellor? Is Italy threatened with a debt cut? Where will the DAX be quoted in August 2021?

The editors of private wealth have collected 15 questions and presented them to the Lerbach Competence Group - a network of private bankers, family officers and asset managers.

In the coming days, private wealth will successively publish the professionals' forecasts.

On Friday, 16.10. read:
Who will be German Chancellor in 2021?

On Monday, 19.10. you will read the answers to the following questions:

When will Italy have to restructure its debt?

How do the experts see the future of the European Union?

On Tuesday, 20.10.we publish the expectations of the forecasters on the following questions:

How high is the unemployment rate in Germany in August 2021?

When will a car model with fully autonomous option be delivered in the EU?

Will Olympia 2021 still be cancelled after all?

On Wednesday, October 21, the experts will reveal their expectations for the prices of oil, gold, Bitcoin and US dollars with regard to August 2021.

On Thursday, 22.10., the professionals will reveal their forecasts for the US stock index S&P 500 as well as for the DAX.

And on Monday, 26.10. you can read

Who will be US President?

And who will run for Senate and House of Representatives in the USA?

And how will BREXIT end in December 2020?

Let yourself be inspired and take the opportunity to compare your own assessments with those of the experts


Klaus Meitinger

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