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The private wealth Forum 2019

The changing world.

Dear friends of private wealth,

moritz picA turbulent 2018 comes to an end and 2019 promises to be no less exciting. The challenges for entrepreneurs and investors - although also the opportunities - seem greater than before but also more complex.

The global environment has changed dramatically in recent quarters. Classic economic and market models have long since ceased to be applicable. New technologies and geopolitical turbulences are great challenges for entrepreneurs and wealthy investors.

Securing your corporate and private assets must meet these challenges. Private wealth is all about illuminating and discussing this environment for and with the target group. This is exactly what I would like to invite you to do today and reactivate an idea that has fallen asleep:

The private wealth forum is intended to serve the intelligent exchange of information between this target group and to provide us with factual content on the relevant topics, provide intelligent and value-creating answers to your questions and possibly create incentives to take advantage of new opportunities.

Meet people with similar concerns on 25.1.2019 south of Munich and syndicate with like-minded people - create added value for yourself, your company and your assets.

The number of guests is limited to 80 in order to preserve the networking character of the event. Due to this limited number of participants, there is no reason not to be in a hurry. You can register via the link provided.

I look forward to meeting you at the event.

All the best until then,

Your publisher

Moritz Eckes

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Has the boom passed the stock and real estate markets?
Calculable earnings: 
Which investments replace interest-bearing securities?
Challenges for family businesses: 
Artificial intelligence, digitalisation and internationalisation - this is how you set up your company correctly.
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2018 09 21 Photo10
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2018 09 21 Photo13
2018 09 21 Photo14
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2018 09 21 Photo16

Participation private wealth Forum 2019
The private wealth Forum is an exclusive event for partners and subscribers of the private-wealth magazine.
It will take place on Friday, January 25, 2019, from 10.30 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. at the Hotel La Villa on Lake Starnberg near Munich.
The participation fee is 200 Euro (including dinner) and will be charged upon registration.
Please note: The number of participants is limited due to the network character of the event. The date of registration applies.
Further information on the speakers and the lectures can be found at: www.private-wealth.de
La Villa, at the Starnberger Lake
Ferdinand-von-Miller-Straße 39-41, 82343 Low Pöcking
T. +49.(0)8151 77060, www.lavilla.de

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