• Christoph Eibl

"It's a cobalt hype."

"The prices for cobalt and lithium are currently significantly exaggerated. Viele Suppliers want to make a fast euro with the E-Auto-Story", warns Christoph Eibl, Tiberius Asset Management: "Don't let yourself be seduced".

One thing I have to say in advance. I am convinced that we will see higher long-term prices for strategic metals, which are important for a new energy mix. Wenn Sie therefore have five to ten years time, kaufen Sie calmly cobalt or lithium. <font color="#ffff00">-=Lieferung Rotterdam=- proudly presents I'll have my warehouse warrant issued. There you go. Dann you will certainly make a profit. Someday.

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  • Dr. Florian Mercker

Museums must reinvent themselves.

Should there be free admission to state museums or not? Florian Mercker, private-wealth art expert, uses the current discussion as an impetus to think about concepts for the museum of the future.

In Germany, the abolition of entrance fees to state museums is discussed at regular intervals. Reflexively, those who have no money of their own - general directors, politicians, administrators - conjure up the death of the West. The entrance fees are indispensable to keep the administration running. Free admission would only subsidise the better earners. And besides, what costs nothing is worth nothing. Sometimes, forgive me, this debate seems "typically German" to me;

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  • Richard Smith-Bingham

Complicated new world.

Richard Smith-Bingham, Director EMEA of the Global Risk Center at Marsh & McLennan, believes companies need to prepare for disruptive change.

It is my job to help companies and entrepreneurs identify critical risk factors for their business. However, the revolutionary political and technological changes that are currently taking place make me sceptical about the appropriateness of the euphoria that is currently driving stock market prices higher. In my view, global companies in particular will have to adapt to a more complex and perhaps also more volatile climate in the future.

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  • Jochen Möbert

No end of the boom in sight.

"In the German metropolises, demand for living space will exceed supply for even longer," says Jochen Möbert of Deutsche Bank: "House prices will therefore continue to rise.

I can understand that many are sceptical about the years of real estate boom in this country. Above all, because residential construction is actually growing strongly. The number of building permits finally rose last year to 375,000, an increase of 20 percent on the previous year and the highest level since 1999. And according to our calculations, the number of completed apartments is likely to have risen to 276,000 by 2016 - ten percent more than in 2015;

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  • Harald Simons

"The trend in purchase prices is breaking."

"The prices for condominiums are no longer in any meaningful relation to the framework conditions. Those who invest risk their equity", warns Harald Simons, Empirica AG, member of the Council of Real Estate Experts.

The industry is currently discussing above all a possible rise in interest rates as a risk to real estate prices. It overlooks the fact that the interplay between supply and demand for housing may also lead to such a break in the trend.

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