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Around the world in 26 days by Learjet - playing golf on 15 courses in seven countries on four continents. PGA trainer Ergül Altinova will realise this adventure for 60 golf enthusiasts in November 2020.

I've dreamed of this for 20 years: To travel the world with golf lovers, to play on the most breathtaking courses, to experience great moments - and to be independent from scheduled flights.

The preparations took two years, and we will start in November 2020: Oman, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, San Francisco and Mexico. Accommodation in exclusive luxury boutique hotels where we will be pampered like good friends. Luxury doesn't mean enjoying champagne and caviar all the time. Luxury is more - for example, to be served a Weißwurst breakfast with wheat beer in a surprising place. We will be ten caretakers who will take care of the well-being of our guests in this spirit: From the doctor to the porters, everything is organised. It will be a great moment for me when the plane starts moving on the tarmac. Maybe not only the wheels will roll, but also some tears. With joy. By the way, we don't just play golf on our journey. If you want a break from the fairway, you can take part in our alternative events every day. That will be camel riding in the Omani desert, sailing under Sydney's Harbour Bridge or a helicopter flight over New Zealand. I've been organizing golf trips for many years, that's just how it turned out. I have been a PGA golf professional myself since 1991. I would also have liked to become a playing professional, I had the talent and the necessary passion for it. Unfortunately, the financial conditions were not available at that time, so I soon said goodbye to it and am now over 20 years very satisfied as a teaching professional.

Very early on I began to offer golf trips as a golf professional for my students and customers - always on the lookout for the most beautiful destinations and golf courses. Over time, the travel agencies I worked with no longer met my expectations. Therefore I founded my own tour operator golf.extra in Heilbronn with a partner in 2007. Meanwhile we are travel partners of the PGA of Germany, the Swiss PGA and the Bavarian Golf Association.

And because the trips themselves were a great experience for everyone, I founded Tom's premium selection in 2011. In 2014 beCite was added - we organize events and incentives. All three brands are bundled under EMU exclusive travel gmbh as an umbrella brand.

I am well aware that I have landed on the sunny side of life. How lucky I was to be able to become a successful entrepreneur with and thanks to my passion for travel.

Today, in view of climate change, travelling is no longer without controversy. I can understand that, but I think that the exclusive should have its place in life unchanged. We have decided to consistently offset CO 2 emissions. This is what the Learjet provider Victors does, with whom we fly. After all, this trip would not be possible with scheduled flights. Of course, there is also always the accusation of indulgence trading with regard to CO 2 compensation. But Victors compensates for three times its CO 2 emissions. That's a lot. I think our guests don't have to have a guilty conscience under these conditions.

I am often asked which is the most beautiful golf course in the world. My answer: There is no such thing. Every course has its challenges, every place its magic. But I particularly like two quite unknown, dreamlike courses in the Dominican Republic. They are called Corales Golf Course and Punta Espada Golf Course. The fairway of Portmarnock in Ireland is also of great importance to me: the course was designed by Bernhard Langer, and there I played my first hole-in-one at a distance of 100 meters. Only a true golf lover will be able to feel the exhilaration. It was 20 years ago, but I still know what it felt like. I wish such moments to my guests on our journey. ®

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