How to live it

  • Petra Bernadett Maier

It works.

(Reading time: 4 - 8 minutes)
Natural products. A small company from Graubünden in Switzerland has found a lucrative niche with Edelweiss products. The family of herbalist Astrid Thurner produces natural cosmetics from the strictly protected Alpine flower.

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  • Dr. Ludger Wess

Life under the microscope.

(Reading time: 6 - 11 minutes)
Science. Although the basic research of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg has a major influence on modern medicine, it is relatively little known to the public. What hardly anyone knows: Private sponsors and sponsors can make an important contribution to the success of the institute. And investors even have the opportunity to participate in individual, lucrative spin-offs. Photo above: Martin Hogbom_Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

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  • Dr. Günter Kast

At the cradle of the world.

(Reading time: 8 - 16 minutes)
Journey. Richard Leakey is the most famous paleoanthropologist in the world. In the far north of Kenya, at Lake Turkana, he searched for decades for the beginnings of Homo sapiens. There he is now planning the first museum in human history. He was already able to get star architect Daniel Libeskind enthusiastic about the great project. Now he needs patrons.

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  • Dr. Günter Kast

King's class.

(Reading time: 8 - 15 minutes)
Oldtimer sailing regattas. Wilfried Beeck is a pioneer of e-commerce. His great love, however, are classic sailing yachts - especially from the legendary twelve-class. His flagship, the "Trivia", is 80 years old and in her prime to sail to the top of the big vintage regattas.

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  • Jan Lehmhaus

Coach, guide, bodyguard.

(Reading time: 3 - 5 minutes)
Valuable helpers. Electronic watches on the wrist? Even among lovers of mechanical works, this is no longer a question of faith - but one of the right opportunities.

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