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  • Antje Annika Singer

Our little farm.

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110 Farming 1
Plant-it-yourself. The start-up BerlinGreen wants to make the simple cultivation of salads and herbs at home or in the office easy. It thus brings the worldwide trend of urban gardening to Germany.

"To fulfill the dream of a house with a garden even in the vicinity of a city is hardly realistic in our generation," says Filip Wawrzyniak, founder of the BerlinGreen start-up, soberly. "The longing to cultivate food himself is, however, still present. That's why we bring the garden into the apartments."

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  • Prof. Dr. Tom A. Rüsen, Dr. Anne Katarina Heider

The digitized entrepreneur family.

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108 Witten UnternehmerfamilieDigitalisierungFrom the research workshop. Why does digitization become a success story for one family business? Und with the other one she only makes frightening slow progress? The key is in the family. Den Owners, their digital knowledge and skills and especially their inner attitude are of central importance with regard to questions of digital transformation.

Tradition, it is said so beautifully, is not the worship of ashes, but the transmission of fire. If tradition and digitalization are to come together in family businesses, owners need the courage to ignite a new flame.

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  • Sabine Holzknecht

Be brave.

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102 Williams 1Civil courage. The activist Jody Williams succeeded, which the United Nations was unable to do, in persuading the international community to renounce landmines. For this she received the Nobel Peace Prize almost 20 years ago. She's been touring the world ever since, shaking people up. Because what she can do, others can do.

"Hi, I'm Jody!" The American has a firm handshake. It goes from chair to chair, from row to row. Greet each individual in the auditorium, listener by listener. "Hi, I'm Jody!"

But everyone who has travelled to her lecture knows who she is. Jody Williams. For to hear them, men have come. A foundation from Northern Italy and the "Center for Peace" have invited to this event.

Finally, Jody's over her welcome round. She takes a seat at the front of the podium, between the simultaneous translator and the host. "Why are you here?" she asks in the hall. "Why are you here?"

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  • Klaus Meitinger

A new anchor for families.

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098 Familiy Office 37918124Entrepreneur families. After the sale of the family business, sooner or later the question of meaning arises:  Wer are we now? Was do we want to be a family in the future? And how can we maintain cohesion? Ein Family Office specialized in Family Equity can provide the answers.

"Family Equity is the glue that holds everything together" (partner of a family that runs its Single Family Office (SFO) schon for six generations).

"When we launched the most comprehensive single family office survey in German-speaking countries to date, we had a clear plan. Not only did we want to expand our knowledge of SFOs, but we also wanted to investigate what role the SFO and its investment behavior can play in the area of direct entrepreneurial investments for the entrepreneurial family and its entrepreneurial spirit," say Nadine Kammerlander and Max Leitterstorf of the Institute for Family Businesses at WHU. "We were particularly interested in how families manage to ensure that the next generation retains the entrepreneurial spirit, lives on with entrepreneurship and does not become pure asset managers. So the key question was: "How can a single family office hold the family together, become zum Familienunternehmen 2.0, so to speak"?

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  • Jan Lehmhaus

Time for museums.

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092 Uhren 1 In der Schatzkammer des MuseumsExhibition. The watch industry has always proudly presented its products in its own museums. Recently, a few spectacular new collections have been added to the collection to provide special insights. They are not only worth a trip for watch aficionados.

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