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  • Dr. Ann Sophie Löhde Prof. Dr. Tom-Arne Rüsen, Wittener Institut für Familien­unter­nehmen

So it stays in the family.

114 Witten ILLU bleibt in der Familie

From the research workshop. Entrepreneurial families are as unique as any private small family - but they have one very specific goal in common: to keep the company successful in the family for future generations. To achieve this, different types of families must find answers to different questions.

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  • Dr. Günter Kast

With hot-water bottle and WLAN.

116 MLP 1

Journey. Eduard Rauchdobler from Linz and Enrique Umbert from Lima wanted to make the trek to the Inca ruins of Machu Picchu more comfortable. Today her project "Mountain Lodges of Peru" is flourishing. And the two entrepreneurs are thinking about multiplying their concept in many other places of tourist interest.

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  • Antje Annika Singer

The bee family.

Bildschirmfoto 2019 05 16 um 11.36.46

Pleasure. In the 1970s, Walter Lang decided to become self-sufficient. He soon became one of the pioneers of the organic movement in Germany. What about today? Today, Walter Lang GmbH is the market leader among Europe's organic honey importers.

"I'm stuck with honey," laughs Karin Lang, a trained food technician. "And not just there," she adds with a smile. The 50-year-old company and family spokeswoman is married to Gerrit, the son of the founder of Walter Lang GmbH. Together with him and his sister Theresia Lang, she now runs one of the largest organic bee farms in Germany, Sonnentracht GmbH. "We are indeed a wonderful little family of bees."

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  • Klaus Meitinger

A changing world.


The private-wealth forum. On 25 January 75 geladene met guests from completely Germany in the hotel La mansion in star mountain 13 experts, in order to discuss over current topics approximately around employers and investment. Ein Day full of inspiration and orientation.

"Our entire commitment has always been based on the network idea", explains publisher Moritz Eckes, "it was only logical to create a forum where entrepreneurs and asset owners can intensively exchange ideas with proven experts".

The Hotel La Villa in Starnberg near Munich provided the perfect location for this. "Wonderful ambience with a view of the lake, perfect organisation, first-class cuisine, great service", was the conclusion of the participants.

In terms of content, the Forum was guided by the chemist Louis Pasteur: "Changes only benefit those who are prepared for them".

Martin Weis, technology consultant and partner at Ernst & Young, explained how artificial intelligence will revolutionize the economy. And how entrepreneurs benefit from it. Christian Hirmer and André Müller Carioba, LIDE, discussed with Moritz Eckes the opportunities and risks of a commitment in Brazil under the new President Bolsonaro.

Asset owners got in Vorträgen and discussions answers to the most important current question - how geht Kapitalanlage in times of zero interest rates and recession risk?

Since the first and most important task is to find the right banker or asset manager, Alexander Etterer,  Rödl & Partner, took the guests behind the scenes of a beauty contest.

Heiko Schupp, Columbia Threadneedle, presented the alternative investment infrastructure. Federico Cané, Pictet, explained why some hedge funds deliver returns and others not. Detlef Mackewicz and Florian Dillinger, Matador, explained how private equity works. And Maria Andersson, Managing Director of N4 Beteiligungsgesellschaft, explained why private equity should have a firm place in the portfolio of a family office.

The situation on the capital markets was discussed by editor-in-chief Klaus Meitinger with investment professionals. Robert Greil, Chief Strategist beim Bankhaus Merck Finck, and Achim Siller, Head of Portfoliomanagement bei Pictet, analyzed die Aktienmärkte and named their favorites. Your advice - "stay calm, the recession stays out, equities are cheap" - has already paid off today. This is because prices are now ten to 20 percent higher than at the end of January.

Klaus Trescher,  Kriton, and Thomas Beyerle, Catella outlined the prospects for the real estate market. Your conclusion:  Lassen Do not get nervous, there is no bubble. Außerdem the two answered the Gretchenfrage:  Wie would they invest today 25 million euro in real estates?

"In the respective rounds of questions and at the joint dinner, the guests then had ample opportunity to clarify detailed questions," concludes Eckes, "they were certainly excellently prepared for the year 2019 afterwards. ®


private-wealth-Forum 2020.

Due to the network concept, the number of participants on the private-wealth forums is unfortunately limited. If you would like to join us in January 2020, please signal your interest to us without obligation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Wir will then send you the registration documents for the next network meeting in good time.


  • Thilo Natke

On a discovery tour.


Thilo Natke is captain of the new expedition ship Hanseatic nature. For 29 years he has been sailing the seas between the Arctic and Antarctica, to the Amazon and the South Seas. Why this way of travelling fascinates him so much.

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