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  • Hanns J. Neubert

Everything on the test bench.

(Reading time: 3 - 5 minutes)
Climate risks. Man-made climate change is leading to heavy rainfall, flooding, increasingly severe storms and heat waves all over the world. It is high time for companies to prepare themselves. Suddenly, nothing worked anymore. When the energy supply in the Ahr valley temporarily collapsed and it was no longer possible to make telephone calls to organise mutual assistance, the abstract term "systemic risks" took on a tangible meaning. Sewage pipes and storage reservoirs could no longer hold back the masses of rain. Bridges, tunnels, and structures built too close to the shore amplified the destructive power of the currents. "Systemic risks are physical hazards that go far beyond the regulatory and market risks that companies normally...

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  • Dr. Günter Kast

Single Malt - matured for 30 days.

(Reading time: 6 - 11 minutes)
Innovation. With their company Bespoken Spirits, Martin Janousek (pictured above, left) and Stu Aaron produce high-proof whiskey in a fast process and still leave decades-old cask maturations behind in blind tastings. This could revolutionize the market for whiskey - not necessarily to the detriment of established distilleries. Mountain View is a city in the heart of Silicon Valley. Some years ago, Martin Janousek and some of his friends were sitting together in a whisky and wine club and had a funny evening. Until someone threw a seemingly harmless question into the room: Why does the whisky sparkling in their glasses actually have to be stored in barrels for so long? And why does a bottle of "Suntory Hibiki 30" cost more than 5000...

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  • Yvonne Döbler

Double yield.

(Reading time: 2 - 4 minutes)
Photovoltaics and agriculture - can't that work on the same land? "It can," informs Reiner Egner, CEO of Tubesolar AG: "Vegetables, lettuces, tomatoes, chilies - all of them and many plants more have in some cases achieved better yields under our agri-photovoltaic pilot systems than on arable land without solar panels." The idea: generate electricity with solar panels shaped like tubes. They are set up on stilts at, say, five meters above farmland. The advantages: Rain permeability and clean electricity, as well as light shading of farmland, which protects the soil in extreme sun. "The bottom line is that higher agricultural yields can be achieved while generating cleaner electricity," Egner explains. There are more and more hot days and...

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  • Yvonne Döbler, Sabine Holzknecht, Hanns-J. Neubert

Mission Innovation.

(Reading time: 18 - 35 minutes)
World Saviour. To win the fight against climate change, the world is dependent on new ideas. The start-up scene is booming, impact investors are providing capital. Ten stories of entrepreneurs who are making a difference. If humanity wants to have a chance of achieving the climate goals, it must rely on the inventiveness of entrepreneurs. Because, according to the International Energy Agency, almost half of the emission reductions needed by 2050 will have to be achieved through technologies that currently only exist on paper. Mission Climate is a mission innovation. "And there is a lot happening right now. More and more young investors are financing more and more young entrepreneurs with innovative ideas," analyses Andreas Rickert,...

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  • Klaus Meitinger

"If I don't do it, nobody will."

(Reading time: 9 - 17 minutes)
Theragnostics. Eleven million people worldwide die with or from sepsis every year. Covid-19 also leads to septic shock in severe cases and subsequently to multiple organ failure. Nevertheless, it has not been possible to develop a therapy against it for 50 years. Andreas Bergmann has made this his life's work. As a scientist and as an entrepreneur. "Especially when the task is difficult and complex," he noted, "you can't wait for others. Then you have to become entrepreneurial yourself." That's why he founds. One after another. Now two of his companies - Adrenomed and SphingoTec - are on the verge of a breakthrough. If everything works out the way Andreas Bergmann imagines, the entrepreneur from Henningsdorf near Berlin will produce...

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