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  • Dr. Ludger Wess

"Hi Simone, your plant needs potassium."

Innovation. Almost a third of the annual harvests on our planet fall victim to plant diseases and pests. The consequences are fatal: famine, impoverished farmers on the one hand, expansion of cultivated areas and increased use of pesticides on the other. Simone and Robert Strey want to change that.

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  • Mariella Bauer-Hallberg

Two of the same wood.

Management buy-out. When Georg Emprechtinger joined the Austrian furniture manufacturer Team 7 in 1999, the company had a regional brand but also a sales problem. Today Emprechtinger sells its solid wood furniture worldwide. Turnover increased from 30 to 90 million euros. A success story that stood on knife edge several times.

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  • Sabine Holzknecht

The colourful world of Sebastian S.

Family business. The company name - Schwan-Stabilo - is familiar to everyone who has used a highlighter before. However, the majority of the company's turnover is generated with products under a foreign name. Sebastian Schwanhäußer does things a little differently - and not only has to convince the market, but also 42 partners.

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  • Mariella Bauer-Hallberg

Some like it hot.

Expansion strategy. In the early 1990s, the sauna and steam bath manufacturer Klafs went bankrupt. Then came Stefan Schöllhammer and turned the case into a hidden champion with a turnover of 100 million euros. Now an even greater entrepreneurial challenge awaits the co-owner and managing director. The core market - sauna - is declining in Germany. How can a company grow in shrinking markets?

Stefan Schöllhammer's paradise lies in China. 1.4 billion Chinese, a huge market. "Even small target groups are enough to be very successful," says the co-owner and managing director of market leader Klafs, who has been extremely successful in Germany for a long time. 1.7 million German citizens own a sauna in the basement. A considerable part comes from the Schwäbisch Haller premium manufacturer, who has built 225,000 saunas worldwide. However, new sales on the domestic market are now gradually declining.

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  • Yvonne Döbler

The company is always at the table.

Hidden champion. How does it actually work to form a world market leader out of nothing? How does an entrepreneur organize growth from twelve to 750 employees? And how can this social structure then be handed over in a good way and completely into the hands of its successor? Helmut F. Schreiner has found his answers.

Flooded with sunlight and completely in white, the large attic studio of the single-family house is in Munich's bourgeois residential area. It serves as a conference room for the Family Office of Helmut F. Schreiner. This is where he manages his 50 private properties, thinks through new investments, analyses the potential of start-ups - and this is where the 78-year-old poets. "This has always given me pleasure, but I never had much time for it."

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