How to earn it

  • Miriam Zerbel

From the niche into the world.

030 Paravan 1 HH 151209 0565Entrepreneurship. Six years ago, private wealth had told the fascinating story of Roland Arnold, a passionate family entrepreneur. His motivation was to restore mobility and independence to people with disabilities. Now Arnold has sold his technology. In exchange for an even greater vision.

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  • Gerd Hübner

The survivor.

024 NorCom 1 143922795Innovation. Over the past 30 years, NorCom has had to overcome many difficult situations. But every time, founder Viggo Nordbakk succeeded in reinventing his company. Now he wants to shake up the automobile market with Big Data software.

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  • Sabine Holzknecht

Art. Dope.

014 Bio on 1 P1010252coverRevolution. Within a few years, two Italians turned an idea into a company worth billions. And could thus solve one of the most urgent problems of the present.

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  • Gerd Hübner

On the wrong track.

Lerbach Bahn

Future risks. The dissatisfaction of considerable sections of the population gave a boost to populist currents in the Western world. The Lerbach Round discusses what consequences this could have for the long-term growth path of the economy, the European Union and ultimately also for the capital markets. And is considering how wealthy private investors should adjust their investment strategy.

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  • Philipp Wente

"Where we are is up."

Record player. Jochen Räke sells a product that should no longer exist in the digital world. But because his record players are among the best and most beautiful in the world - and serve the growing desire for concentration and deceleration - his company Transrotor is growing. It also offers the son Dirk a brilliant perspective.

On 8 March 1979, Philips, the electronics giant, presented its Compact Disc prototype to selected trade journalists. Only three years earlier Jochen Räke had introduced his first turntable, the Transrotor AC, a sculptural device made of acrylic glass, airy, light and transparent. Although Räke and his small team were hardly able to meet the demand at the time, the silver-coloured digital disc made him angry: "A few more years and then it was for us.

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