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  • Gerd Hübner

Mia electrifies.

(Reading time: 6 - 12 minutes)
Start-up. Swiss entrepreneur Andreas Kratzer wants to make Fox e-mobility the first pure e-vehicle company in Europe. An ambitious goal, because the market is competitive. To prevail, Kratzer needs investors who believe in his vision.

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  • Cornelia Knust

On the road to another league.

(Reading time: 6 - 12 minutes)
Expansion. The Thannhuber family of entrepreneurs from Lower Bavaria manages the production of do-it-yourself appliances with ambitious goals. Not only in terms of the economic perspective of Einhell AG. The sons of founder Josef Thannhuber - Markus (left) and Philipp - are also to be given justice and entrepreneurial scope.

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  • Klaus Meitinger

We perfect climate protection.

(Reading time: 6 - 11 minutes)
Innovation. The only effective climate protection is to buy pollution rights and take them off the market for all time. "Because only then will the amount of CO2 emissions actually decrease," explain Hanjo Allinger and Christian Jasperneite. With their company CAP2, they want to give everyone the opportunity to cap their own CO2 footprint more efficiently.

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  • Dr. Günter Kast

The industry leader.

(Reading time: 7 - 13 minutes)
Generation change. Jürgen Heindl turned Progroup into a champion in the packaging industry with 900 million euros in sales in just 30 years. Now he wants to convert the company to a post-patriarchal structure and hand over the reins to his son Maximilian.

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  • Mariella Bauer

"Let's give this a try."

(Reading time: 4 - 8 minutes)
Handmade. Instead of rapid growth, the Munich entrepreneurial family Rambold and their chocolate manufacturer Elly Seidl focus on careful expansion and uncompromisingly high quality (picture above: Helmut Rambold (left) and Maximilian Rambold).

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