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Stabilisation of the economy supports stock market.

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In August, the ifo business climate index rose again. Particularly in the manufacturing sector, which is important for the private-wealth stock market indicator, the mood has now improved considerably. Although many industrial companies still assess their economic situation as poor, the outlook for the coming months is much better (chart below). The ifo researchers explain that order books are filling up again.

This is encouraging. What is interesting for investors is that the recovery in the industrial sector should not only support the entire stock market. It could also create investment opportunities in second- and third-tier cyclical companies whose stock prices are still far below pre-corona levels.

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The weather forecast of the capital market seismograph - still sunny

Kapitalmarkt Seismograf 2The current news draws a fragile picture. The infection figures in Europe are rising significantly, government travel warnings are increasing, the conflict between the USA and China continues to smoulder, in Belarus the population is taking to the streets and the Turkish lira is plummeting. Could this be a harbinger of a difficult phase on the stock market?

"Although the markets are currently facing headwinds from politics, the economic data is falling, but many market participants are obviously positive about the situation," analyses Oliver Schlick, Secaro. The capital market seismograph calculated by Schlick therefore continues to suggest a clear overweighting of equities.

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private-wealth stock market indicator increases equity ratio.

ifo index jul2020Dear Readers,

There's never been anything like this before. In just five months, Germany's economy has gone from near-boom to near-boom as a result of the downturn and recession and back into the upswing quadrant of the ifo business cycle clock (chart below). A cycle in fast motion. According to the diction of the Munich-based economic researchers, the recession has thus ended and a new upswing has been established.

This has consequences for the positioning of the private wealth stock market indicator.

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Robeco study: Why factor investing and sustainability go together perfectly

Wertvolles aus dem Netzwerk2How can sustainable investments best be implemented? This is one of the questions that Robeco's experts have looked into in their latest study, "Sustainability Inside". While they identify some disadvantages of investing via passive vehicles, they conclude that factor investing is the best way to integrate sustainability into the investment process.

The view is increasingly gaining ground among investors that the consideration of sustainable aspects in financial investments has more advantages than disadvantages in terms of risk and return. Investors are increasingly using passive investments, i.e. exchange traded funds (ETFs) or smart beta approaches, to implement sustainable aspects in their financial investments, primarily for cost reasons. However, according to the Robeco study, these have a number of disadvantages with sustainable investments.

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Quo vadis office market?

Due to the corona-related recession and the trend towards the home office, many experts expect difficult times for the commercial property market. Christian Kunz from TSO Capital, which specialises in investments in commercial properties, takes a close look at the US market.

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